Sweet Promises, Secret Passions Series New Release

An Incredible Journey Of Love, Surrender, and Passions.

Sweet Promises, Secret Passions 7.23.14

Sweet Promises is now AVAILABLE!


Here’s a small little nibble!Sweet Promises, Secret Cravings Trilogy 7.17.14

Eva pulls back, laughing. “Baby, let me help you out of your clothes.”

“Really, you want to play when I’m starving for you? Come here,” says
David Adrian. He takes her hands to pull her into his arms.

Hmmm, he’s hungry. Ok, I’ll play later with him. I can’t wait. I’ve always dreamed of doing this to him, she thinks.

She throws back her head, laughing. I love his aggressive mood.

David Adrian watches her laugh. He smiles. Damn, she’s relaxed and happy. I know she loves me. Fucking hell, she’s so stubborn, but I want her forever, he thinks.

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Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 Supernatural Realm Enforcers Elite Ops By P.T. Macias

Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 by P.T. Macias 6.28.14 Supernatural -Kindle Phantom, Razer 8 and Darlin Storm, Tequila 7.1.14Tequila 10 Supernatural Realm Enforcers Elite Ops Tequila 10 is a new series that’s full of paranormal entities. Werewolves, vhampiers, dragons, and a sorcerer are the supernatural realm enforcers. The special operatives work with the government, using their special abilities but also have their own agenda. Special operative monitor the supernatural community, even as they are swept into a whirlwind of love, truths, and untold passions. The supernatural realms are threatened and endangered. Time is running out! The enforcers are desperate to stop the menace. Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 by P.T. MaciasRebel, the youngest Vhampier prince, loves his independence, his life, and his women. His Father, the Emperor Vlastimir, has commanded Rebel to stop his wild rebel ways and select a mate, to procreate. Rebel continues to enjoy his chosen lifestyle until he meets the beautiful, sexy, passionate werewolf, Amber Johnson. Rebel and Amber merge as one, against all odds. Their passion explodes. Their souls bond. Secrets are exposed. Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 Banner 6.29.14 AVATAR http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LDCE0YG https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/452778

Author Patricia T. Macias, Amazing New Books!!! MUST HAVE!!!!

PT Macias, Author Epic Military Thriller Romantic Suspense Erotic Series!:

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NEW BOOKS!Darlin Storm, Tequila 10 By P.T. Macias 2-28-14Phantom, Razer 8 By P.T. Macias 4.26.14 -ATPhantom, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias 5.4.14

Phantom, Razer 8, Delta Force operative.
Classified Information
Name – Angelo De Amato
DOB – June 8, 1984
Marital Status – Single
Family –
Mother Marie De Amato
Father –deceased- Angelo De Amato.
He’s 6’2”. He has dark hair, gray blue eyes, and a light tan. His jaw is square but has an adorable dimple in his chin. This dimple keeps him from looking hard. He has nice trimmed goatee, to hide his adorable dimple.
Mark Lotus’s Razer 8 Team
Delta Force Commander Knight –
“I want to welcome you to the new Delta Force team. The name Razer was selected because you will be able to raze any entity, country, or structure in the world.” Commander Knight observes each team operative. He needs to register their commitment, excitement and aspirations. “The Agency believes each one of you will be the best operative in the world, in your field…

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Blazing Dawn, Tequila 10 by P.T. Macias New Release

Blazing Dawn, Tequila 10 P.T. Macias 5.21.14  1500x2500 Kindle

Blazing Dawn, Tequila 10

Cassandra Johnson, Dawn, meets the brothers of her roommate, Storm, and immediately realizes that one of them is her mate.  But he doesn’t recognize her! She is in horrible pain, suffering for what feels like an eternity before he realizes who she is.

William Davis, Thunder, has considered Cassandra as another sister. Then the Tequila 10 and Razer 8 teams are thrown together to prevent the deaths of an author, as well as all the people who are attending the Writer’s Conference where she is presenting. When the two teams get together for the first time, he greets her as a little sister, only to discover that things have changed in a BIG way!

Can their love survive what the mission has in store for them?

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Razer 8 — Delta Force Ops seize realms of infinite power! Free eBook

Epic Hot New Release! #Military #Thriller #Paranormal #Romantic #Suspense

Epic Hot New Release! Military Thriller Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Lightning, Razer 8 Available Now!

Thunder, Razer 8 & Lightning, Razer 8 By P.T. Macias 4.28.14

Lightning’s covert mission throws him into the arms of his mate and launches their blazing-hot mating instincts.

Lovely sweet young doctor Angelique is forced to be deceitful to save her beloved father’s life. However, she takes this opportunity to enjoy a much needed vacation. Her plans don’t include falling in love.

Razer 8 duty calls him away from his love. Will their love survive the obstacles in front of him?


Smashwords -https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/429152http://ow.ly/vNl1T

Thunder, Razer 8

William Davis, Thunder, is a Razer 8 Delta Force operative. He enjoys a dangerous carefree lifestyle along with his identical twin. He’s oblivious to the fact that his mate is close real close.

Cassandra Johnson, Dawn, is a special operative on Tequila 10. Dawn is cute, happy, and full of dreams. She dreams of her mate and wedding day. Dawn is extremely close to Thunder and his siblings.

Thunder’s new mission hauls him into the arms of his mate. Their natural mating is inevitable. The mission keeps them apart.

UK http://ow.ly/uRhsv


Panther, Razer 8

Panther is the lead operative on the Razer 8 team. His harsh childhood shaped him into a tough, reserved, and solitary man. He mastered controlling his emotions, physical endurance, and fate.

Tabitha Sparks is a sweet beautiful young author, full of life and dreams. She writes a #1 bestseller: a thriller, with suspense, and organized crime.
The book triggers the Russian mafia’s rage. They contact an assassin. Tabitha is oblivious to the threat to her life and continues her work.

Panther’s mission is to save her life, while endangering his controlled balance. Will he fall under her spell and open his soul?

“I want to know everything. I want to be able to control what’s going down. I won’t allow anyone or anything to control my life. I need to learn my environment, position, and fate. That’s the only way to survive and to be first.” Panther, Razer 8

UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Panther-Razer-8-P-T-Macias-ebook/dp/B00IFUXB44/ref=la_B008B0EYWQ_1_26?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1392355419&sr=1-26



Redfox, Razer 8

Redfox, Razer 8 operative mission is to infiltrate the Police Commissioner’s office and home. He has 72 hours to gather the intel on the Commissioner’s dirty business.

Redfox charms his way into the Commissioner’s home, throwing him into the arms of his soul mate. The unexpected love rocks his world and the success of mission.

The Commissioner’s daughter, Marsha Diane Bryant is a lovely sweet young girl. She falls under Redfox spell and unconditionally bestows her soul.

Redfox fears losing his soul mate in the process of completing his mission. Can their love survive the storm?




Bulldog, Razer 8

Bulldog is the youngest of the Razer 8 Delta Force Operatives. He enjoys life. He’s called upon to help out one of his team operative. Infinity is there.

He runs into Katherine Morgan, a sweet young victim. In the process of extraction he gets caught by the prostitution gang. They mistake him with being her boyfriend.

Bulldog grabs onto that line and poses as her boyfriend. In the process of rescuing Katherine from the mob he becomes entangled in her web. Will Bulldog’s skills and training save him from falling under her spell? Will he be able to outrun the mob and his soul?

UK – http://ow.ly/qqHbX





Ghost, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias

Ghost is an old-fashioned Southern boy fighting hard to forget his pain. He’s forced to protect his Mama and sister from their abusive Pa. Ghost is strong, silent, and soft spoken. He works hard against all obstacles and hurt.

Ghost grows up to become a Delta Force. He meets and falls for a hot Latina who sets him on fire! She captures his soul and brightens his world. He would do anything to protect her.

Duty calls and he’s forced to leave her unprotected. The unspeakable happens! Ghost calls on Infinity. Infinity aids to extract his woman from the clutches of a soulless prostitution mob. Time is running out!

UK – http://ow.ly/qqHer





Loco, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias

The hard driven, ambitious delta force operative is immune to women. His heart has been destroyed by a treacherous woman and the unexpected loss of his family. These events have driven him nearly into insanity. The hard knocks in life propel him into grasping his emotions, his thoughts, and his physical condition. He focused on his goal. Loco doesn’t allow any type of distractions or obstacles to stop him. His actions and recklessness have earned him his nickname, Loco.

The Infinite power, Razer 8 operatives, are united and linked for infinity. His team mates recognize his pain, anger, and strength is derived from the intense impotency he feels from his loss.

The unexpected mission and unexpected encounter with his soul mate, tests his strength. His mind, heart, and soul recognize his love even before the actual encounter. The ruthless criminals threaten to harm his soul mate, pushing and transforming him into a fearless warrior.

UK http://ow.ly/oTgdS