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Oh course P.T Macias’s story “Dragons love” is my favorite!. P.T Macias just has a way of writing that gets you hooked on her stories!. With all her stories and books she has the concept of soul mates that will just charm your heart!. Dragons Love is of course about dragons only it is more than that it is about suspense, action , humor and the amazing soul mate love!. You can not go wrong in purchasing book because I know you will find several stories in it you will love!

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A tall lovely Archaica walks towards Landon. Her hips sway softly and seductively with each graceful step, exposing a long sexy leg as the side slit parts up to her right hip. Her black fitted dress drapes softly over her curves. The sweetheart bodice pushes up her breasts, creating sexy cleavage and fullness. Her creamy breasts are showcased like pearls. The dress thin straps run up and over her shoulders, then weave down her back in a sexy pattern.

She smiles at him as she approaches the bar. She gazes into his eyes, smiling a small sexy smile. Fucking hell, yeah, I have to have a drink because I hate what I have to do. Geeze, this is unreal.

Marybeth, Lisa, and Helen have tried but failed. He doesn’t want to go to the hotel room. I requested time to study him and I know that he has noticed me.

Landon, nods at her. Hell, she’s beautiful and I’ve been watching her for a few days. Oh hell, my body wants her badly.

His beautiful glowing green eyes glance down her gorgeous body. He clenches his jaw, and shifts his aching cock. He takes a drink of his whiskey, watching her approach.

Heather smiles confidently. She’s on a mission. She reaches him, and slides onto the stool. She turns to Mace the bartender. “I would like a Whiskey.”

Landon inhales deeply, exploding into blazing hunger. Fucking hell, her scent is simply intoxicating. Hell, she seizing my soul, and branding my blood. I feel her, I’m connecting and she’s knows it.

Fucking hell, I’m so ready for her. I can’t fucking believe it! She’s my mate! She’s an Archaica! Well, she’s similar to a human.

Yeah, he’s a dragon, I can smell his amazing scent. Hell, he smells delicious. She closes her eyes and inhales his scent, shuddering. Hell, a delicious blazing surge flows all over my body.

Heather pushes her black hair over her shoulder with a shaky hand. What the hell does this mean? This is incredible and unreal. I need to drink this Whiskey because my body is on fire.

She takes a drink enjoying the burn as it flows down her throat, merging with her boiling blood. Hell, I’m so hot and my body is ready for him. I need him. I know it.

Landon turns towards her and he leans in close. He gazes into her beautiful huge violet eyes. I can’t believe it! She has incredible violet eyes.

He continues to gaze into her eyes gauging her feelings. “I know you feel it because I can feel your heart beat. I can smell your sweet intoxicating scent, and I know you’re ready for me.” He looks down at her sweet red heart-shaped lips.

Heather eyes open wider, startled. Her long black eye lashes spread over her eyebrows. “You don’t waste any time do you?” She bites her lower lip to control her amusement.

He looks up to gaze into her eyes, falling into her soul. “Honey, do I need to? You know it, you feel it, and your sweet pussy wants me. You’re my mate and I’m not going to fight it.” He leans a little closer to inhale her intoxicating, spicy arousal. Hell, my cock is going to explode. He closes his eyes and clenches his jaw.

She watches him clench his jaw, controlling his emotions. “Well, hell, tell me your name.”

He opens his glowing emerald green eyes, he nods at her. “Landon Dracostar. My beautiful mate, what’s your name?” He slowly takes her left hand in his. He rubs his thumb over the pulsing veins on her wrists. He closes his eyes, nodding, exuding his emerald green smoke with his bonding scent.

Beyond My Dragon’s Love, Draco Celestial Realms By P.T. Macias
The dragon roars, fumes, and blazes! He’s tired of the dragonettes’ deceit. The restless Prince takes a leave from his duties and journeys to the Earth realm in search of his mate.

Young, beautiful orbit engineer is forced to seduce the prince to hand over to the royal bitch, unknowingly betraying her mate. Her life takes a turn and she commits treason beyond her dragon’s love.

A Tempest Of Love, Steamy Romance, Paranormal, And Suspense!

Leaves You Wanting More!

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Alpha SEAL’s Heart By P.T. Macias


Happy 4th Of July!! Check it out!!

Hot New Release!

The Mystical Box Set Babes want to share their Paranormal Tales of hot and wild military men. These amazing mystical stories of Alpha men and the beautiful women that love them are filled with mystery, suspense and a healthy dose of romance. These sexy stories will leave you breathless…wanting more…wanting a HOT MILITARY MAN OF YOUR OWN!!!


You’ll LOVE them ALL!!!!

Mystical Hot Military Love

Enjoy the #shiftersbite! 

“Please, oh please don’t leave me here. I’m Mexican American and I want to go home to California. Please don’t leave me.”

The beautiful Mexican American girl looks up at Wolff. Her scared wide brown eyes shine brightly. The tears fall down her face.

Wolff looks down, inhales deeply, and shudders. Hell, oh damn no! Her hand is burning and setting me on fire. I can’t believe my fucking luck! This is the soft spicy floral scent that I smelled outside. She’s my mate! A Mexican American human mate!

He grinds his molars to control the intense emotions running rampant through his body.

“Wolff, we have to take them back with us.”

“McKenzie, evacuate!” Officer Ford yells into the speaker.

“They’re American girls here!”

Lieutenant Commander Ramirez closes his eyes and grinds his jaw.

“How many?”

Wolf turns to look at the other girls and then looks down at his beautiful mate. He gazes into her eyes and falls deeply into her soul.


“How many Americans?” Wolff forces himself to turn around to look at the other girls.

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#paranormal #romance #suspense

The elite SEALS’ covert mission – to sweep in, terminate, and evacuate – is drastically derailed. Wolff, the elite ops leader is knocked off-track when he discovers his soul mate in this most unexpected situation.

The Mexican drug cartel’s training compound is more than it appears. The group of young girls in their clutches are waiting to be sold overseas.

A beautiful young Mexican American girl runs to Wolff, imploring him to save her. Her heart explodes. Her dormant senses awaken, and her soul merges with his. She gazes at him – confused with the unexpected connection, the overwhelming emotions, and the passion that has been ignited. Wolff refuses to leave her behind. He fights against time, dictates, and war to save her. He knows that she is more than his mate. She’s more than she knows.

Angels Of The Fallen Book Of Samyaza, The Watchers Creed


The pure exhaustion of eternal punishment as a fallen has left our sexy but naughty angel, Samyaza, desperate for companionship…desperate to be set free and only you hold the key.

What would you give for one night of unbridled passion? Samyaza gave his life, his freedom…everything. After thousands of years of pain and punishment the fallen one thought he’d seen it all…not even close.

Now evil threatens the world and the Watchers are our only hope. Falling from grace was easy, eternal suffering has become common place, wishing for death an everyday occurrence but when faced with a chance for redemption Samyaza fears he could fail.

His test for heavenly grace comes in the form of a beautiful, confident, modern woman who captures the fallen one heart and soul.

Strength he has. Faith in the God that sentenced him to a life in chains he holds close but all may be lost with just one look from this very special woman.

With his life, his soul and his heart on the line, can Samayza save the world or destroy it?

The Watchers are waiting, wanting…needing you. It’s time to live life on the dark side.

Time is running out. Evil forces threaten the very survival of the human race. Our only hope…The Watchers.

The fate of humanity lies in the hands of these twelve stunningly sexy, sinful fallen angels.

Only destiny knows if they will save us or doom to hell.

“My sweet Crystal, please don’t shed your tears for me. I don’t deserve your tears.”


Angels Of The Fallen Book Of Samyaza, Fallen Legends By P.T. Macias

I would love you to meet Samyaza!

Oh yeah! 

I’m really excited about his story!

Angels Of The Fallen Book Trailer

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Angels Of The Fallen Teaser


Coming Soon!

Available Early 2016


Dreams and Desires By P.T. Macias

Check it out! DreamsofDesireskindle81615

An Incredible Journey Of Love, Surrender, and Passions!

Secret Sexy Passions

Sexy young man is confident, ambitious, and a Dom. He’s a Navy Seal who knows what he wants and seizes it. He falls for a beautiful young girl who walks into his life and his home.

A lovely young girl, lost and broken, has been through several foster homes. She is now in his home! She has locked up her heart and erected a wall.

Will he be able to knock it down and touch her heart? Will he be able to dominate her soul?

Life throws lots of curves and knocks them off the tracks. Will their love survive the obstacles blocking the road to HEA?

“Baby Girl, you own my soul. My heart beats for you. You’re the only reason that I breathe! You’re deeply etched into my psyche!” Sean Knight

Small little excerpt!!

Sean walks down to the last apartment in the corner. He knocks on the door, listening for any noise inside or outside.

Oh, wow! Someone is knocking and I have to finish getting ready to go to work. Shit! I wish Carol was here. Where did she go?

Sofia pulls on the sundress that’s across her chair. She slips her feet into her slippers and walks out of her room. She looks through the peephole and sees a black shirt, wide shoulders, and she looks up his neck to his face. Hell, I know that’s Sean. The shades don’t disguise his jawline. It’s him! Her jaw drops open, surprised. Wow, omg. He’s here. It’s Sean. What does he want now after all of this time? She pulls back, and leans on the door, chewing her lower lip.

I know I heard some steps. It has to be my Sofia. Sean leans forward and knocks again on the door, looking at the peephole. He slowly smiles at her.

Sofia looks into the peephole again and sees him smiling. Hell, he knows I’m home. She bites her lower lip.

Sofia opens the door and looks at him. She crosses her arms and waits for him to talk.

Sean grins at her and looks her over. Oh yeah, my Sofia looks the same, if not better. “Baby Girl, I’m home.”Sofia glares at him and turns away. She walks into the living room. She stops at the sofa, and rests her hands on her hips. “Really, you’re home? That means what?” She raises her eyebrow at him.

She clenches her hands on her hips to control her rampant emotions of joy, anger, and hurt.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Bittersweet Dreams, Secret Sexy Passions 8.20.14

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Arla Dahl                         Sky Purington               Jade West

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