Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everybody!

Enjoy your weekend!


Hot & Spicy is available for your indulgence. Treat yourself to some romance, passion,

and intense excitement. Meet Jose Enrique, Jessica Maria and la familia. 


Small excerpt ~ Chapter Twenty

Knocking on Jessy’s casa door at exactly five o’clock, Jose

Enrique stands waiting anxiously for Jessy to open the door and

immediately takes her into his brazos for a quick beso.


I know that Jacki will be coming with us. I will just have to

keep myself under control.

“Hola mi vida, you’re on time. I am ready,” said Jessy as she

turns around for him to see her in a flirty flowered skirt with a

halter top causing him to shudder.


I just knew it. The halter top is going to drive him crazy. She

grins at him as he pulls her into his brazos with urgency.


Yeah, she’s killing me slowly. I thought the work out at the gym

would take care of mi excess energy and passion. Don’t think so.

I’m just as passionate as always.  I just know tonight is going to test 

mi patience. The halter top is such a turn on.

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