Hot & Spicy Taste

What to read after Fifty (50) Shades of Grey shared a link.

Hot & Spicy taste…….

Jessy shivers. He’s so hot, y he’s burning up. His passion is
dragging me with him. Jessy feels his mano go under her skirt y
feels him stop with surprise. Jessy starts to grin. I know he didn’t
expect me not to have panties on. I truly couldn’t resist teasing
him, y he makes me feel so sexy.
Jose Enrique pulls back groaning as he realizes that she
didn’t have any panties on. He gazes into her ojos as his mano
continues up and in between her silky thighs. I can feel how hot,
how moist she is for me. He continues to softly, gently part her
silky hot flesh, and slowly touches her hot essence. He sees her
close her ojos, moans into his ear.
He feels her instant hot reaction to his touch, loving her. She
tightly clutches him driving him loco. He is barely able to control
his desire. He closes his ojos, gently pulls his mano out bringing
it up to his lips. Jose Enrique then opens his ojos, gazes into
Jessy’s ojos, and slowly consumes her essence. Jessy whimpers
with need.
“Are you hungry, mi amor? Do you want to eat?” asks Jose
Enrique as he slowly moves his mano down under her skirt
again. He goes to the center of her, touching her hot essence once
again. He brings his mano to his lips to taste her.

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