Hot & Forbidden

Nicolas De La Cruz and Daniella De La Cruz In Hot & Forbidden  

Tiny morsel ~

Hmmm, mi primo is finally realizing that Danni is always en casa. He doesn’t have a clue when and where she sees her novio. After all of these years, la familia is finally wondering about Danni’s novio. This is unreal. What if her novio was a jerk that had her really controlled, and they didn’t even know anything about him.

Yeah, I think that we need to start planning our escape before someone figures out it’s me. I know that the entire familia will be pissed off at us and most likely it will be worse for me since I’m el hombre.

Damn it, I need to pray that Dios will help us out. Si, after being together all of this time, I will die if we’re forced to stay apart. I know that mi Danni es mi vida, es mi mujer, contemplates Nick.

months later- small crumb

Si, mi hija, yo lo se, you have made me tan feliz. Mi Nicolas is being foolish. I can explain todo. Mi hija, I can see that you have both suffered. Daniella, why have you kept tu amor and tu boda from la familia? Is it because your primos?” asks Tia Maria.

“Si, Tia, we couldn’t stop from feeling this amor. We tried to ignore it, but as we got older, our amor got stronger,” says Danni with tears. “It has been really painful.” 

“Oh mi niña, you have suffered so much, and for no reason. You should have told me, us. I could have……..    (says Tia Maria, Nicolas mama).

What is the key that will released their amor? Does Tia Maria hold the key? 

Will Be Available In October 2012! 

6 Replies to “Hot & Forbidden”

  1. This chapter raises the question of how much of a foreign language to use – and why. Establishing place and identity is important, but I am distracted by a word here and a word there. I could handle a fair amount of Spanish, and I think I would prefer the solution of using whole phrases and explaining them in context. Khaled Hosseini does that with Pashto and Dari, and I sure don’t speak those languages! I hope your readers will welcome this discussion (and you can always delete the post if it doesn’t seem positive!)

    – Ron

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