Hot & Spicy Review

ebook review – Hot and Spicy: De La Cruz Saga

Awesome review by JD,

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Today I am reviewing the ebook – 
Hot and Spicy:  De La Cruz Saga
by P.T. MaciasIn most romance novels, most of the book is spent getting the girl and the guy together; then too often they up and end the book, leaving you wanting more.  But in this one, the author gets the girl and the guy together right off the bat; then the problems and the fun begin.

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2 Replies to “Hot & Spicy Review”

  1. Did we mention – Your reviewer, who held my attention with the quality of her praise, held out on us! For me, no erotic novel is complete without a little danger! Excitement in the air! Navy seals! CIA! I would love to see from a reviewer how these other elements support the story.

    Did I mention – congrats on getting the review!!

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