Hot & Forbidden, De La Cruz Saga

Hello Friends,


Hot & Forbidden is available on Amazon! I’m so excited, lol.     

Kindle  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥  

Follow my author website! In a few few weeks (most likely in December,  lol), My small little gift to the De La Cruz fans!

I will start a daily post of a small nibble (excerpt). It will be on one of the De  La Cruz Saga novels. I will select one novel to post on my website from start to finish. This is a twelve novel series. Please follow and enjoy the amor, passion, and excitement!

♥ Be my tweet amigo!

♥ Next novel Hot & Enchanting should be available in December 2012!

♥ I’m inviting you to join the De La Cruz Fan group page on Facebook. I will be having a release party for Hot & Forbidden on Oct. 20th. My grand amiga Aurora Martinez is my hostess. There will be lots of prizes and fun. Please join me. The event is on FB.

♥ The event link 

Enter with the Rafflecopter to win these awesome prizes. 

♥ I will be thrilled to see you there. Here is the link. to the FB fan group.

Please invite your friends, share, tweet, lol. ☺                                                                                                      

  Patricia ♥ 


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