Hot Sexy Chapter Two ~ Hot & Enchanting

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Chapter Two 




The next day Jacki wakes up early and has breakfast. Yeah, my padres are still sleeping and so is Jessy. I don’t know why I always wake up early. I think I’ll take a walk before I go to the office. I love walking in the mornings, thinks Jacki smiling.


Jacki strides down the walkway, thinking about Ricky. Damn I know that I need to stop thinking about him. Jacki pushes her sunglasses up her nose. These sunglasses always slide down and it’s getting warm. What was I thinking? This was not a great idea. Estoy loca (I’m crazy), I wanted to take walk before it gets hot. Jacki turns the corner. I wonder if I will see Ricky. Si, I’m crazy, deduces Jacki shaking her head.


She turns the corner and watches Ricky drive away. Well at least he did make it back. I thought he stayed out all night with that vieja (broad). Why do I keep on torturing myself? OMG, he’s coming back, he’s going to see me. The sun glasses manage to slip off her face. She bends down to retrieve them.


Ricky parks on the side of the sidewalk exiting his carro (car). He watches her bend down to retrieve the sunglasses. Oh yeah, that’s a wonderful sight to behold. Hmmm, nice, real nice and I want some. I wonder who she is, contemplates Ricky attempting to control his hot reaction.


“Hello, hola,” says Ricky walking towards her smiling.


Jacki retrieves her sunglasses, looks quickly at him, and then she quickly puts them back on and blushes like crazy. She turns around, strides away from him.


Omg, he’s so cute and I love him. I have been dreaming of this moment forever.  I’m going to die. I don’t know what to say to him.  I can’t talk to him. Oh si I’m gone, muses Jacki.


She strides quickly down the side walk swaying her hips. The small shorts fit just right, hugging her sweet heart shaped bottom. She’s wearing some cute sandals that wrap around her ankle enhancing her legs. Her hair reaches halfway down her back, swaying as she rushes away.


OMG, I better hurry up and disappear. I can’t talk to Ricky, I will die from embarrassment. I know that I wouldn’t be able to say one single word. What was I thinking? I need to get home. It’s so warm out here.  I need to take another shower. I will then run into the office and finish some of the entries that I didn’t finish. I love to be on top of my work. There’s hardly anyone there right now, ponders Jacki turning the corner.


Ricky observes Jacki stride away. Damn it, why is she walking away? “Hello, wait a minute, I want to talk to you,” says Ricky watching her leave.


Why doesn’t she stop and talk to me? I want to meet her, she has an awesome ass and I want some. Damn yes, I love her hair. Who is she, ponders Ricky.


He walks back into the casa to get some cloths to go to the gym and runs into his mama. “Mama, I’m back. I forgot my bag. I’m going into the office for a few hours,” says Ricky giving his mama a hug and beso.


Buenos dias (good morning) mi hijo, are you going to be here for lunch?” asks Mama Lupe hugging him back.


“Si I think so, I will call you if I change my mind,” replies Ricky. He walks away down the hall to his room. His cell phone rings, he notices that it is Davina, and he answers with irritation.


“Hola,” says Ricky closing his eyes. I need to be nice and patient. I can’t be mean to her, thinks Ricky.


“Hola Baby, I want to see you. I want you to come over now,” whines Davina rolling on her bed tangled in the sheets. “I don’t know why you didn’t stay the night. I wanted to wake up in your arms.”


“I never spend the night with any mujer. I told you that I couldn’t see you today. I also told you I will call you,” says Ricky shaking his head. He bends down to get the bag. “I have plans. I need to let you go. Enjoy your day.”


“Baby you’re being nasty to me. I know that you loved being in my arms. I want you now. I have some lunch ready,” says Davina looking out of the window.


Ricky strides out of his room down the hall. He waves at his mama walking out the door. He waits until he’s outside before responding. “Okay Davina, I will talk to you later. I have to go,” says Ricky ending the call.


I never can understand why these viejas chase me when I am not interested. Once, maybe twice is all I can handle. They never allow me to chase them. They don’t give me the chance to desire them.  I don’t want a relationship with her. She is not what I want in my vida (life). I’m not going to risk getting caught by the wrong mujer (woman). I don’t spend the night for a reason. I do not want to encourage them. It is bad enough without me encouraging them. Damn it, thinks Ricky sliding into the car.


I have some work I need to finish and I want to work out at the gym. It’s great that nobody will be there, thinks Ricky driving to the office. He goes to his office and starts to work on some paperwork.


  * * *


Jacki arrives at work quickly entering the elevator. OMG, I still can’t believe that Ricky talked to me. I need to lock up my emotions. It will not do me any good to think and dream about him, thinks Jacki pushing the elevator button.


Jacki exits the elevator walking down the hall to the accounting office. I wonder if anyone else came into work today. 


“Hi Jacki, so you decided to come in today? Susan and Debbie are not coming in,” says Sally Ann looking up from the computer. “I’m going to the break room to get some coffee. Do you want some?”


“Yes I’d love some coffee. You know that it’s the end of month on Tuesday. I don’t want to stay late for the end of the month. I want to get as much as possible done today,” replies Jacking smiling. “I’ll get the coffee for us.”  Jacki stores her purse away inside her desk.


“Okay, that’s great. I’m in the middle of this huge account and I don’t want to mess up. Thanks,” says Sally Ann grinning.


“No worries, I’ll be right back,” replies Jacki walking out of the office. She walks down the hall and into the break room.


Huh, I should go and check out the gym. I want to start working out. I haven’t worked out in a while. I allowed my gym membership to expire.  I have never looked into the gym that is part of our benefits. It’s available to us here. I need to see it or get any information on it that I can. There shouldn’t be anyone there right now. I’ll go and check it out before I get our coffees, thinks Jacki nodding.


She walks down to the gym opening the door and walks in. She looks around.  Wow, the gym is nice. They even have some nice music to work out with.  I love it. I wonder if there is any information posted or something.


Okay there is a wall over here and a small desk. Oh yeah, right here. Great, there is some weight training classes and some dancing classes. Wow, I’m impressed. I didn’t realize that the company offered so many classes for us, thinks Jacki leaning down the table to reach for a paper.


* * *


Ricky stretches and leans back in his burgundy leather office chair. Okay now I’m done with my paperwork. I’m going to work out and then get back to the casa to have some lunch with mi mama. Si, I know that she will make me my favorite torta. She always does when she asks me to have lunch, thinks Ricky smiling. He reaches for his bag and walks out of his office down the hall towards the gym.


Ricky enters the gym and looks around. I knew it would be empty. That’s why I wanted to work out this morning. I don’t want any interruptions. I need to relax and think. I feel like I need to make a game plan. I’m tired of dating these putas (whores). I want to meet a nice chica that will fill my senses. He strides to the men’s lockers and changes into his shorts and top.


Okay, I’m ready. I’m going to do some weights and then I’m going on the treadmill. Maybe I will go to the movies later after lunch. I wonder what Tony is doing, ponders Ricky working out. Oh yeah, this feels awesome. I’m letting my frustration out with this workout. I’ll run a few miles and then I’m done.


Ricky finishes his workout and goes to the locker room to take a shower. He can’t hear anything, but the pounding of the water on his back. He rubs the soap in his hands. He then runs his hands down his hard body.


I wonder who she was and why she didn’t stop to talk to me. Oh yeah, she had a sweet ass. I loved her hair swaying down her back. It looks soft and natural. The chicas that I have dated have their hair all bleached or dyed. This chica looks all natural and warm. Her legs are also awesome. But her cara (face) is so damn sweet and hermosa (beautiful).


She must live somewhere around my casa (house), because she was taking a walk, ponders Ricky smiling.


His hand wanders to his hot aching shaft thinking of the chica, closing his hermosos green eyes. He moans with pleasure as he starts to stroke his hot shaft.


* * *


Oh wow, I’m going to check out the locker rooms, thinks Jacki with the paperwork in her hands.


She reads the pamphlets walking into the locker room not thinking of checking if it’s the women’s or men’s locker room. She walks in and turns to the right to explore.


Oh dios mio (omg)! There’s Ricky in all of his beautiful glory. I walked into the men’s locker room! Jacki is stunned and continues watching him.

Click on image to read entire chapter two

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