Jacki On A Mission ~ Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

Chapter Three

De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias  ~  click on photo to go to website.
De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias ~ click on photo to go to website and continue to read Chapter Three.

http://delacruzsagabyptmacias.com/   ~ click link to read entire chapter three.

Ricky walks down the hall to the kitchen holding the pink rosas (roses) that he bought for his mama. “Mama, I bought you some rosas. I love you. What did you make me,” asks Ricky smiling.

“Mi hijo, you’re so sweet. The rosas are beautiful, muchas gracias. Ricardo you know that I always make you your favorite torta (sandwich). How did it go at work today? I’m surprised that you went in today,” says Mama Lupe smiling.

“Si Mama, I don’t usually go in on Saturdays. We have several new clients and I don’t want to cause any delays. I needed to make sure that all the contracts are accurate. I don’t want to cause any issues and risk losing the clients,” replies Ricky sitting at the table. “Mama this torta looks delicious.”

“Aye mi hijo, it’s only a torta,” says Mama Lupe laughing at her eldest hijo. “I know that any chica can make it for you. Mi hijo don’t you have a novia (girlfriend). It’s time for you to start looking for a nice chica (girl). I’m waiting for my nietos (grandchildren).”

“Si Mama, I’m going to search for a nice chica. Mama you know that it’s hard to find a nice chica. The chicas that chase me are not what I’m looking for. I don’t like being chased. I don’t like them. I want to choose the chica, my alma gemela (soul mates). I want to chase her myself. I want a nice chica that is only mia (mine),” replies Ricky taking a bite of his torta.

I wonder if I have met a nice chica. Well maybe not, if she was standing and watching me in the shower. Damn yes, that was so incredibly hot. Oh yeah, she can be nice, passionate and only mia. I will never complain about that. I better stop thinking about her, I’m going to start to ache again, ponders Ricky shifting in his chair.

“Si mi hijo, but you have to stop playing with all of those locas (crazy). Keep your eyes open and I know that dios (god) has the perfect chica for you. Do you want another torta?” asks Mama Lupe.

“Si mama,” replies Ricky taking a drink of his milk. “Is Tony home? I want to go to the movies.”

“No mi hijo. I think that he went to get some items at the mall,” replies Mama Lupe nodding.

“Okay, I will go on my own. Do you want to come along?” asks Ricky looking at his mama.

“Si mi hijo, but I can’t. I promised your Tia Maria that I will help her with the plans for the 25th anniversary,” replies Mama Lupe smiling. “Your tios are anxious to meet Jose Enrique’s novia. We’re all thrilled that he will be marrying soon. We hope that the rest of you will also start marrying. Have you met her?”

“No mama, none of us has met her. He told me that he will bring her to the Sunday dinner when he’s ready. Okay, I’ll go to the movies on my own,” says Ricky taking the last bite of his torta. He talks a little while with his mama. The cell phone rings and Ricky sees that it’s Davina. “Mama I’m going to my room to talk.”

“Si mi hijo, I will see you later,” says Mama Lupe nodding. “I have to go.”

Davina Sala
Davina Sala

Visit and follow http://delacruzsagabyptmacias.com/ to continue chapter three. 

Jacqueline Acosta ready to go out!
Jacqueline Acosta ready to go out!

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