Hot Stolen Besos ~ Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

Chapter Five

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Damn I have to hurry up. I want to get to the office early. I need to see that hot muñeca. She’s driving me insane. I can’t sleep, what’s up with that, ponders Ricky exiting his carro.

He strides quickly to the elevator praying to see her. Damn, she’s not here. This is the same time that I saw her yesterday. I need to see her and to talk to her. I need to get her name and number. This is the only way I can approach her, right before she goes into the building, contemplates Ricky.

Hell, now I have to wait until lunch time. Ricky goes to work on his new contracts having difficulty concentrating.

Hmmm, I don’t have a novia and never had a novia. I haven’t dated any mujeres in the last few days. Wow this is incredible. It’s the longest time ever that I haven’t been with a mujer. I truly believe that I’m tired of messing with all of these viejas locas. I’m done with them.

My mujer needs to be sweet, hermosa, and hot. She has to be mia, only mia. Yeah I don’t want una loca mujer. I want una buena mujer with my traditional Mexican values and customs.

I wonder if any exists in today’s world. Yeah that will be a true reina for me. Si she’ll be my reina. She will be only mia, solo mia for eternity. Hell yeah, I need my hot chica, considers Ricky smiling.   

Ricky finishes the last contract, stands to take it to Jose Enrique for his review. Well it’s time to give Jose Enrique these contracts, ponders Ricky unhappily, walking out of his office.

I made it on time and Jose Enrique will not know that I was running behind. I don’t know why I’m not able to concentrate. All I do is think about my hot muñeca. I can’t get her out of my mind. I don’t know why.


Is it because I can’t talk to her? Is the fact that she keeps running away from me and not to me, the enchantment? This is amazing. I have never had to chase las chicas. This is awesome. I need to talk to her, contemplates Ricky striding down the hall.

Ricky enters Jose Enrique’s office handing him the contracts. “Primo, here are the contracts for our clients that we have scheduled for today. Review them and advise if you want me to change anything,” says Ricky starting to walk out of the office.

“Primo, wait up, I want to make sure that you’re ready when our client arrives. Also, I want your evaluation after the meeting. And I want to have an early lunch so we can work out,” says Jose Enrique watching Ricky with curiosity. Hmm I wonder what’s up with Ricky, muses Jose Enrique.

“Okay, primo. I’ll order our lunch and get Tony to work out with us,” replies Ricky nodding. He strides out and goes down the hall, turning the corner.

“Buenos dias prima, it’s almost noon,” says Ricky grinning walking into his prima’s office. “Bella are you busy tonight?” asks Ricky taking a seat in her office, smiling. “We’re all going to the club tonight. Jose Enrique would like you to get las prima’s and mis hermanas to go,” says Ricky, swinging his legs up to rest his feet on the edge of the desk.

“Ricky, I think that sounds like fun, and I will tell them. The one I will have to work on is my hermana Erica, you know how she is. Maybe I can talk her into going,” says Bella looking out the window thinking.

“Okay Bella, see ya later tonight. Jose Enrique, Tony and I will be in a meeting this afternoon with a new client. We’re taking a little earlier lunch so we can work out. Do you want to join us at the gym?” asks Ricky with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes standing up to leave.

“Uh, no, that’s ok. See ya later,” replies Bella waving him off.

“Okay, I have to take care of a few issues,” says Ricky walking out the door. He walks down the hall turning the corner.

*  *  *

Wow its lunch time and I’m hungry, I need to go to lunch. I always have lunch by myself, because everybody starts their days later. I’m beginning to believe that I’m always alone and I really need to socialize. I don’t want to end up alone and old with only a cat for company, yeah, thinks Jacki laughing walking down to the coffee shop down the street.


Ah, damn Yes, I see my hot muñeca, and it looks like she’s going to have lunch. Should I follow her out to the parking lot and see if I can talk to her? Will this be breaking my policy of dating the employees? I really want to talk to her, contemplates Ricky observing her.

She hasn’t seen me. She truly is a belleza and she calls out to me. Oh yeah, my body is on alert already. I know that it will be amazing to have some besos, to hold her, and to love her. Si I truly need her. I want her.

Oh well she’s gone. I need to order our lunch and go to pick it up. Si, I really need some fresh air, I will walk down to the coffee shop, thinks Ricky striding to his office.

Jacki is walking down to the outside lunch benches to sit down to have her lunch. Yeah this area looks really inviting today. I’ve never sat out here to have my lunch, but today is a beautiful dia. These benches are under some beautiful trees. The area is enclosed by these awesome rose bushes. It smells heavenly. This is great!

Only a few employees use this back exit, si I shouldn’t be interrupted at this time, Jacki reflects sitting down to eat her sandwich. She pulls out a romance novel from her purse, sighing.

This is the only romance that I ever have and it’s simply frustrating, Jacki looks at her watch after a few chapters, hmmm my lunch is almost over.

Ricky exits the building to go get their lunch. He stops when he notices Jacki at the bench area.

Oh yeah, she’s outside and free to the public picking. I’ll not be breaking my policy. I really need to approach her, to get her name and number, ponders Ricky striding over to Jacki sitting next to her on the bench under the trees.

“Hola muñeca,” says Ricky looking at her hermosa cara, observing her surprise.

Jacki bites into her lower lip with nervousness. Hmmm, I wonder what he wants, “Señor De La Cruz,” she whispers, looking into his amazing incredible green eyes, licking her lower lip unconsciously.Jacki eyes

What is he doing, he’s here, right next to me, and what does he want? Jacki speculates, looking into Ricky’s green eyes with wonder.

Oh yeah she’s killing me slowly and my body responds to her, I’m completely under her spell. I genuinely like this chica like a loco, ponders Ricky mesmerized by her lips, leaning in to give her a hungry beso without thought.

Ricky puts his hand at her nape and takes a quick soft hungry beso from her, pulling back with amazement, si she is irresistible, reflects Ricky looking into her precioso eyes as she opens them.

Hell yes, she loves my beso. I can see her alma and her pasión. Wow! I can see that she’s also very unsure. I need another beso, Ricky deems, taking another beso, wanting to deepen his beso. Moaning with pleasure Ricky wraps his other arm around her small waist pulling her closer.

Hmmm she tastes so delicious, thinks Ricky getting hotter and desperate. He slides his hand down her sweet ass and pulls her closer. Oh yeah she’s responding, he thinks devouring her lips.kiss

Jacki enjoys his besos for a few moments. She’s lost in his taste and smell. Oh dios mio this is pure ecstasy and I love his besos. I can feel his alma, thinks Jacki moaning.

He feels her push him away. She quickly stands up. Jacki grabs her purse, book and lunch bag striding quickly to the building. She doesn’t say a single word to Ricky.

What does he think I am? No, I’m not his muñeca to play with! Ahh, his beso felt incredible, like pure heaven. My body is going crazy with pasión. I need him, but I need to forget him, he’s not interested in me, muses Jacki going up to her office, running away from Ricky as quickly as possible.

Ricky watches her leave in astonishment, what happened? I know that she likes my besos. Why does she run away from me? I need to talk to her. I need to learn all about her. I can’t chase her into the building, ponders Ricky. He runs his hands through his hair in frustration, taking several deep breaths.

I need to calm down. My body is so ready for her. She sets my blood on fire. She incites my body like no other mujer ever has and she’s not interested? Damn it, I need to get her name. I know what I saw and felt. I know that our almas bonded, ponders Ricky with frustration standing and striding quickly down to the coffee shop for their lunch.

*  *  *

Oh, I’m going to die, I will never forget his beso, and si he’s simply my hot wicked enchantment. He’s pure ecstasy and red hot pasión. He tastes amazing. I can still taste him.  Ricky smells and feels amazing. All of my senses awaken for him. I know that dios gave me the strength to push him away, because I would not be able to on my own. I know if I stayed, I would be holding on to him and I would not let him go. I truly can’t do that, especially not at work. What will he think? Everybody would see us. I know that he’s only playing, that’s why I found some strength to push him away. Okay I need to forget him! He’s not truly interested in me. I need to start work, muses Jacki.

Later that night Jacki wakes up. She’s sweaty, anxious and hot. Omg, I need to take a cold shower. I was dreaming of Ricky again. The dreams are hotter and sexier. It must be because I now know how his besos taste, thinks Jacki getting up from bed.

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