Jacki At The Hot Sexy Party! Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

Chapter Six

A couple of days later it’s the end of the month.  Jacki has to stay late along with her colleagues Sally Ann, Susan, and Debbie.  The other accountants were already done.

“Wow, I’m glad to finish this,” moans Jacki looking at her amiga Sally Ann. “I’m going to work out at the gym. I signed up to the gym here at work. Do you want to go with me?” asks Jacki looking at Sally Ann.

“Uh, no, I’m too tired. I will go with you on Thursday. I want to go home and take a bath and drink some wine. I need to relax,” replies Sally Ann turning off her computer. “At least it’s not too late. We only went over an hour from our regular shift.”

“Yeah, it’s a good thing that we both start early. I’m going to the gym. I will see you tomorrow,” says Jacki picking up her gym bag.

“Okay, bye,” replies Sally Ann getting her purse. They walk out of the office and down the hall chatting.

Jacki walks down the hall to the gym after Sally Ann walks into the stairway. Well at least she’s taking the stairs, that’s a work out in itself thinks Jacki nodding.

Jacki enters the gym and there’s a few people working out, mostly women. Jacki smiles and walks to the locker room to change into her cute Eve’s Pleasure capri yoga pants and matching tank top. Jacki works out and goes home.

On Friday Jacki is ready for lunch. I need to go and get my sandwich that I ordered from the deli down the street. I will walk down. The day is awesome, thinks Jacki smiling grabbing her purse. Jacki walks out of the building, strolling 

down the walkway, and enjoying the fresh air.


Wow that’s a mighty fine chica walking out of the building, thinks Ricky standing motionless to observe the hot chica walk down to the deli from his window in his office.

I believe it is my hot chica that works here. I love her sweet heart shape ass and I want some. Si it is her, the one that drives me loco, considers Ricky adjusting himself. I can’t look for her in the office. It’s not good for me to mess with the employees. Oh yeah, here she comes, she’s coming back with her lunch.

I can go down and out to the sidewalk. Maybe, just maybe I can meet her. Ricky walks quickly out of his office, he’s on a mission. Yeah I can meet her outside of the building.

He’s almost at a run. I don’t want to miss her. He enters the elevator and anxiously waits for it to get to the ground floor. The elevator doors slide open and Ruby runs right into his arms.

Ruby sees Ricky as soon as the elevator doors slide open. She doesn’t think twice and runs straight into his arms. “Ricky, I want to have lunch with you,” pouts Ruby wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him down. “Oh baby you’re so hot and I want some,” says Ruby giving him a beso.

Uh, damn it all to hell! There goes my hot muñeca, thinks Ricky. He observes the hot muñeca walk down the hall to the lunch room.

Oh yeah, she’s totally what I want. She turns me on. He watches her sexy ass swaying and moans with desire.

Ricky is irritated and pushes Ruby away from him. “What are you doing here? I’m at work. I don’t have time to play,” states Ricky with frustration. “So you need to leave. I’ll call you later.”

“Baby, but I want some. I want to have lunch with you,” whines Ruby running back into his arms and pulls him down. “Give me un beso.”

Ricky grabs her hands, pulls her arms down, and pushes her away with irritation. “Later,” says Ricky turning her around and pushing her into the elevator. He pushes the close button and shakes his head.

“Ricky I’ll be waiting for you,” whines Ruby as the elevators doors close.

Ricky turns around with frustration clenching his hands. I know that she’s in the lunch room. I can’t approach her. I know that she saw the beso with Ruby. Wow, this is incredible. I’m worried about this chica’s reaction and I don’t know her, ponders Ricky.

* * *

It figures, there’s Ricky kissing another mujer. This is too much. It hurts. Will I ever stop loving him? Will I ever be able to fall in love with another hombre without comparing him to Ricky? I know that he’s a playboy, but I also know all of his great qualities. I should dislike him, but I don’t. I know that las chicas have been the ones to always chase him. I wish I had the nerve to chase him, contemplates Jacki sitting down at a corner table to eat.

Jacki looks out the window, hmmm; there goes the chica that was kissing my Ricky. Uh, he’s not my Ricky. Oh dios mio, please take this amor away from my corazon, it hurts. Jacki wipes away the few tears that fall from her eyes with anger.Tumblr_m47vtuhx5a1qbwiabo1_1280_large

Jacki is finishing her lunch. I have always loved him. He branded my alma since the first time that I saw him. When I turned eighteen, I went to get his name tattooed on my right hip. Si, I didn’t care then and I don’t care now if I marry someone else. They will have to live with it. If he can erase Ricky from my alma, I will laser it off. Nobody knows about it. I had it put on my left hip near my heart, right above my bikini line. It was embarrassing having a tattoo of a guy’s name when he was so close, but it was worth it.  Si it’s a heart with his name in it, Ricardo Emmanuel.

The cell phone vibrates, Jacki answers, “Hola chica, you’re back from your trip?” asks Jacki laughing. “Yeah it’s about time! I miss you.”

“Si amiga I arrived yesterday and I’m calling because Martha invited us to a party for our amigo Henry’s birthday. Come on, go with me. It’s a hot party and lots of awesome chicos are going,” says Angela laughing. “It’s going to be lots of fun! Come over to my casa at five.”

“Okay, I will go to your casa,” says Jacki smiling nodding. “Si I will wear a nice sexy dress. Later.”

Jacki gets up and returns to work smiling. Yeah, it’s about time that Angela is back. I only go out with Angela and Jessy, thinks Jacki getting into her work.

Later that evening Jacki is approaching Angela’s casa. She rings the door and Angela comes out laughing and hugging her. “Amiga lets go, Henry is waiting for us,” says Angela laughing.

“Oh yeah, and you didn’t tell me about this Chico Angela. What am I supposed to do while you flirt with Henry?” asks Jacki a little irritated.

“Jacki there’s going to be lots of awesome chicos at the party. Henry knows a lot of chicos that he went to college with. It’s his birthday and he asked us to bring our amigas. We’re only amigos and I will also talk to other chicos. Come on Jacki, it’s going to be lots of fun,” says Angela grinning.

“Okay Angela, you’re right. I do need to meet some chicos. I want to go,” replies Jacki smiling, nodding in agreement.

Angela and Jacki arrive at the party. Tumblr_mcnv8he3zj1qdzpbco1_500_largeThe casa is beach front and it has lots of lights illuminating the amazing casa. There are several lighted paths leading to the beach where there are several bonfires.

“Hola Angela, I’m glad that you came. I see that you brought your amiga,” yells Henry smiling, handing them a wine cooler. “I hope you like the wine coolers. I can also get you a mixed drink if you want.”

“Hola Henry, yeah we wouldn’t miss your party for anything. Feliz cumpleaños! This is Jacki and si the wine coolers are great,” says Angela taking the wine coolers. She turns to hand one to Jacki. “You do like wine coolers?”Th_500_368_1294581478_tumblr_ldak5t19nr1qcxq3po1_500_large_large

“Si I do, hola Henry. Feliz cumpleanos, nice to meet you,” says Jacki smiling. She takes a drink of the wine cooler and loves it. Si I do like these, but I hardly ever drink. I will drink some of these, thinks Jacki looking around. The party looks like fun and there are lots of young single chicos.

Jacki and Angela talk to Henry for a few minutes until someone calls him for some help. Jacki and Angela grab another wine cooler and walk out to the yard to look around. The yard has a swimming pool and lots of tables lighted with hurricane lamps. The music is playing loud and everyone is laughing and talking. Some are dancing.

Angela and Jacki get asked to dance.  Si it’s a great party. Lots of cute chicos and I love these wine coolers. Si I don’t feel so shy, ponders Jacki walking to get another wine cooler.






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