Hot as Hell ~ Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias Chapter 7

Warning ~ Adult Content For Eighteen and older!


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Chapter 7



Ricky is entering the party inside the casa. Wow, this party is packed and full of hermosa chicas. When Henry called me and invited me to come to his birthday part, I thought it was going to be a small dinner party. I didn’t invite mis primos. They would have loved it here, thinks Ricky smiling.

Henry approaches Ricky with alegria, smiling. “Ricky, guey it’s nice to see you. I’m glad that you made it!” says Henry slamming him on the back, hugging him.

“Si Henry, feliz cumpleaños. I thought you said it was only a small dinner party. Guey, this is an awesome party full of lovely chicas,” says Ricky laughing and looking around.

“Si guey, I asked all of my lovely amigas to invite their amigas. It’s awesome! There’s a lot of chicas for you to pick from,” says Henry laughing. “See you around, I have to greet some more amigos.”

“Si, that’s okay. I’m going out back to check it out,” says Ricky nodding.

He walks out to the back yard and stands near the door looking at the entire party. He smiles with gustoOh yeah, this is an awesome party, thinks Ricky taking a drink of his Corona.

Ricky glances at the chicas dancing like crazy to the fast song. Wow, that’s her! That’s my hot chica. Hell no! She’s dancing with that guey. I need to get to her and fast, thinks Ricky with urgency.

Ricky strides over to dance with Jacki. The song has ended and she’s walking towards Ricky. She’s going to get another wine cooler. Si I love the wine coolers and I’m having so much fun, thinks Jacki smiling.

Jacki is looking back at Angela and didn’t see Ricky until he’s right in front of her asking her to dance.

“Do you want to dance?” asks Ricking standing in front of Jacki smiling into her huge hermosos hazel eyes. Oh yeah, I have her now, thinks Ricky.

Oh dios mio, it’s Ricky. He wants to dance, si this is awesome. “Si I will, but I want to get a wine cooler,” replies Jacki smiling into his hermosos green eyes. “Follow me.”

Ricky observes that she’s a little tipsy. Should I let her have another one? I can’t stop her. I don’t know her. Okay I will be around to see that she’s okay, thinks Ricky smiling. “Okay muñeca where do you want to go?”

Ricky gets a wine cooler for her. Jacki takes a few drinks swaying to the music. She turns around to pull Ricky to the dance floor. “Okay let’s dance,” says Jacki smiling.

“Muñeca I’m so feliz to see you,” says Ricky pulling her into his arms. He wraps her close, inhaling her scent. Oh yeah, I love her scent, thinks Ricky.th_romance (6)

Jacki wraps her arms around his neck pulling him close. “Si I’m extremely feliz to see you,” replies Jacki.

“Why do you run from me? I need to know all about you,” says Ricky starting to nibble her cheek.

“I don’t run away from you,” says Jacki closing her eyes.

“Muñeca, I need a beso,” whispers Ricky in her ear. He feels her tremble. He takes a hungry beso, pulling her closer.

Oh yeah, I love his besos, thinks Jacki pulling him closer. They dance a few slow songs holding on tight and enjoying their hot besos.

Then the fast song starts to play causing them to pull apart. Ricky smiles into her eyes with hot pasión.



“I‘d like another wine cooler and then maybe walk down the beach,” says Jacki smiling. She pulls him along towards the drinks. She looks over her shoulder at him. Hmmm, why do I always run when it’s so easy to talk to him? He is mi amor, mi alma, ponders Jacki smiling. “The drinks are over here.”

“Okay muñeca, we will do what you want,” says Ricky smiling, nodding in agreement.

Jacki takes his hand and pulls him along to get her wine cooler. He gets the one that she wants out of the small cooler. He opens it for her and hands it to her smiling. “Okay muñeca, here’s your drink. Do you want to take a walk now?” asks Ricky grinning with pleasure.


“Si, I do,” replies Jacki smiling taking his hand. They follow one of the lighted paths on the far left that leads to the beach. They stop to take off their shoes. Ricky sets them near the entry to the beach.nice-touch-sexy-couples----Love-3-26-10-Couples-Couple-romantic-LOVE-ROMANTIC-hot_large

Ricky follows her. He pulls her close to his side as they approach the beach. “So where do you want to walk to?” asks Ricky looking down at her as she stops to take an


other drink of her wine cooler. She hands him the bottle. He takes a drink observing her.

“I want to walk down the beach. Come on. I also want to go skinny dipping,” says Jacki grinning mischievously. “But I want to go down the beach where nobody can see us.”

Hell yes, she’s hot and wants to go skinny dipping. Damn yes, I’m going to please her, thinks Ricky grinning. He nods in agreement taking her hand. They walk down the beach going down where it is darker and only the moon illuminates the night.

“Muñeca?” asks Ricky wondering what her name is. He stops to pull her into his arms.

“I want to go skinny dipping,” says Jacki smiling up at him. She pulls away from him. She takes off her dress leaving on her black lace bikini panties. Then she runs into the ocean. Jacki looks back smiling.

Oh si, he will follow me, I know that he will, thinks Jacki laughing. She splashes into the water enjoying the night.couples (5)

Damn it! She’s quick, look at her awesome body, thinks Ricky stripping quickly to follow her into the ocean.

Oh yeah, she’s hermosa. Damn no, she’s running away from me. Ricky chases her down the beach. They weave in and out of the water.

Finally he catches Jacki, pulling her into his arms. He desperately gives her hungry besos, holding her close. Damn yes, she’s hot. I want some, thinks Ricky kissing her. His hand creeps up to her awesome firm breasts, caressing them. She makes me burn for her. I need to taste her.

They fall onto the sand. Ricky caresses her all over. Jacki moans with pasión, thinking only of enjoying Ricky.



Click link to read entire chapter seven.

Chapter 7




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