Ricky Falls, Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

  Chapter Eight  54105a292e (1)

Ricky holds Jacki close. I don’t believe it. I just made love and not just sex. This has been awesome. She bonded to my alma and drives me loco. I need to talk to her and get her name, thinks Ricky caressing her sweet heart. Oh yeah, she’s so ready for me, thinks Ricky feeling her hot mouth on his nipple.


Hmm, si, one more time and then I have to leave
, thinks Jacki straddling him. She scoots down, taking him completely to the hilt, moaning with pleasure. “Wow, I love how you feel inside me. You’re mouthwateringly delicious,” moans Jacki moving up and down.



Ricky takes her breasts in his hands, taking small nibbles and then sucking her sweet tight nipples, going crazy. Damn she’s incredible. I love every single part of her, thinks Ricky drunk on pasión.

They reach their release, gazing into each other’s eyes, and bonding their alma. Ricky holds her tight to his corazon.

After a few moments, Jacki stands and runs into the ocean. She laughs with joy, feeling her nipples tighten from the cool water. Oh, I’m aching with pleasure, thinks Jacki grabbing her breasts with enjoyment.

couples (5)The cool water is supposed to calm down my pasión, thinks Jacki. Ricky pulls her close, kissing her, and touching her sweet nipples. “Damn you’re so hot. I can’t get enough of you,” says Ricking pulling her up, impaling his hot aching shaft.  Jacki wraps her legs around his waist, moving against him.

Ricky goes down onto the sand and takes Jacki with fierce pasión. He pounds in and out with desperation, holding her tight, and devouring her mouth.

Oh si, he’s so hot and delicious. How am I going to live without making love? I will always want to, ponders Jacki pulling him closer. Their pasión is scorching hot, not even the cool water can quench it.

They lay on the sand with the waves beating against them. Jacki loves every moment. I don’t want to leave, but I know that it’s getting late, thinks Jacki.

Jacki shifts and stands. She starts walking towards the pile of clothing. She pulls on her dress. I don’t know where my panties are at, oh well. Nobody will know that they’re mine, thinks Jacki turning to watch Ricky pull on his clothes.

They walk back to the party. Most of the people are drunk and dancing. Nobody notices Ricky and Jacki return with wet hair. Jacki goes to get another wine cooler and takes a drink.

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