Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga Chapter Nine

Hot  & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga 

Chapter Nine

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The next day Jacki goes for a walk early in the morning, praying that Ricky is still asleep. Oh si, his carro is there. That means that he didn’t stay out all night, thinks Jacki smiling strolling down the

Si now I’m going shopping with Jessy. I want to get some cute outfits, thinks Jacki. She walks into her casa going directly to her room to make a list. Jacki walks out of her cuarto looking for Jessy. “Mama that smells awesome. Where’s Jessy?” asks Jacki getting some milk.  “I’d like to go to the mall.”

“Mi hija, Jessy had to go to work. She has an appointment with a señora that wants to redecorate her casa. She will be back after lunch,” replies Mama Ana smiling.

“Okay, I will wait for her. I will read my romance novel,” says Jacki taking a bite of her breakfast burrito.  “Mama this is real delicious, gracias.”

“Mi hija, did you have fun last night at the party?” asks Mama Ana smiling. “How is Angela doing?’

“Angela is doing great. I did enjoy myself. We both had lots of fun,” replies Jacki blushing. “The party was full of chicos.”

“Oh si, did you meet a good Chico?” asks Mama Ana nodding, observing Jacki. I wonder why Jacki is blushing. Did she like a particular Chico, contemplates Mama Ana with pleasure.

“Si mama, there were several nice chicos. I did dance a lot,” replies Jacki smiling. “Mama I’m going to my room to read.”

“Si mi hija, you relax. I know that you work hard all week,” says Mama Ana smiling cleaning up the kitchen.

Oh dios mio, I can’t allow my mama to learn about Ricky and what happened. I was so embarrassed and upset that I was lying to my mama, thinks Jacki walking into her room.

She walks over to her cama and lays down thinking of Ricky. I wonder what he’s doing Jacki getting readytoday and if he’s thinking of me. I bet that he’s forgotten all about me and is now with another chica, thinks Jacki wiping her tears. She falls asleep, emotionally exhausted.

♥ ♥ ♥

Damn it all to hell. I need to see my hot muñeca. Last night was not enough, I need her, thinks Ricky looking at his shaft in the mirror.

Oh yeah, she really marked me. It was awesome watching her sweet mouth on me. Ricky grins examining all the marks that she made.

I wonder what she’s doing. The only reason that I’m feliz is because I know that she lives somewhere around here, and she works for la familia. I also know that she 

doesn’t sleep around. Si, she’s exactly what I always wanted. She’s hermosa, smart, and drives me locoOh si, she’s mia, only mia for eternity.

Ricky takes a quick shower making sure to wear a t-shirt under his shirt. I don’t need to have my Mama noticing all of these love marks, thinks Ricky grinning. I’m so hungry.

Ricky walks down the hall and into the kitchen. “Buenos dias,” says Ricky to his padres and her hand. “I thinking of going to the mall,” says Ricky sitting down next to Tony. “Do you want to go Tony?”

“Okay, I need to buy some biker boots. Mine are all messed up,” replies Tony taking a bite of his bagel. “Where did you go last night? You got home late.”

“Buenos dias mi hijo,” says Papa Javier nodding at his eldest hijo observing his joy.

“Si mi hijo, buenos dias,” says Mama Lupe smiling.

“I went to my amigo’s birthday party. I thought it was going to be only a dinner party. That’s why I didn’t take you locos with me,” says Ricky grinning. Oh yeah, that wouldn’t have turned out great. I wouldn’t have had the chance to make love to my hot muñeca, ponders Ricky.

“Mama where are las bebes?” asks Tony looking at his mama. “I thought that Claudia was home this weekend.”

“No mi hijo. Claudia has training and Vero is in Europe,” replies Mama Lupe.

“Ricky, Christian and Alex want to go to the club,” says Tony turning to look at Ricky. Hmmm, he’s acting weird. He’s taking his sweet time to respond. He’s usually on it.

Okay I’ll go,” replies Ricky nodding. Oh damn. I don’t really want to go. I want to hunt down my hot muñeca. But I don’t know where she lives. He closes his eyes and sees her hermosos eyes and awesome smile.

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