Ricky Is Loco For Jacki ~ Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

The primos comprises of Jose Enrique, Nicolás, Alejandro Andres, Christian Arturo, Sebastian Antonio, Ricardo Emmanuel, and Francisco Javier. Los primos have always been exceedingly close. They are la familia’s hijos and have always done everything together.

Nick, Nicolas De La Cruz, is the second eldest of los primos. Nick departed a few years ago to work in another state. Los primos are oblivious to the true reason for his departure. He told los primos that he wanted to know that he can make it on his own. Los primos are still mystified and have missed him immensely.

Francisco Javier De La Cruz is the bebe en la familia. Javier decided to go into the Navy to explore different options and explore the world. However, Javier is still not sure if he wants to make the Navy a career or return to school.

Later that evening Ricky is waiting for his primo Alex to get off work. “Tony, Christian, I bet you that Jose Enrique is going to be real pissed off at us. I know he hasn’t heard our calls or seen our texts,” says Ricky inserting another cd into the car stereo.

“I know and Alex said he’s running late. He’s almost done,” says Christian. He leans to look out the window to look down the aisle of the parking lot.

“Well, I’ll text Alex again,” says Tony getting anxious to get to the club to have some fun. Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz is Ricky’s hermano. He’s the familia’s architect. The familia calls him Tony. He has designed the now famous and much in demand buildings with the Mexican influence and are Eco-friendly. Tony is considered one of the most talented architects in today’s market. Tony has contributed to the growth and success of the familia compania.

“There he comes,” says Ricky turning on the carro.

“Damn hermano,” says Christian shaking his head. Christian Arturo De La Cruz, or Chris, is a Navy SEAL. Chris lives for excitement. Chris loves it when the risk is great, dangerous, and complex.

“Yeah primos, it was busy,” says Alex sliding into the carro. Alejandro Andres De La Cruz is also known as el doctor Alex. La familia is truly proud of Alex. Alex is always there to help his primos in everything and anything.

Ricky, Alex, Christian, and Tony quickly exit the carro. They stride to the club. They approach Jose Enrique knowing he’s going to be pissed off.

Where are they? Jose Enrique stands at the bar with his ice cold Corona cerveza, looking for his primos Alex, Christian, Ricky, and Tony.

They’re never late. I wonder what they’re up to. We always meet every Friday at nine. Yeah, I really miss mi primo Nick when this type of shit happens with los primos. It’s already ten. Dios mio, I don’t want to look for them. I don’t want to wait for them, not tonight. It has been a long, hard week. Just thinking of how much mocking I’m going to get from los primos makes me want to walk out. I don’t want to discuss mi novia. Right, what novia? I’m still waiting for Paty to get me a novia. I feel like a loser. What happened? Why don’t I have a novia, ponders Jose Enrique.

He takes a drink of his Corona, trying not to choke, when he notices a bella, sexy chica with some other chicas at the other side of the bar.

“Hola primo, sorry we’re late,” says Alex slapping Jose Enrique in the middle of his back, causing him to choke on his Corona for the second time that night.

“What the hell!” exclaims Jose Enrique turning to see his primos, they’re laughing, shoving him against the bar counter.

“Where have you locos been? Why are you late? Here I am waiting for you fools,” says Jose Enrique with some annoyance. Jose Enrique turns around to catch another look at the hot chica, but she’s not there.

Jose Enrique gets angry and glares at his primos, he shakes his head, and quickly strides down the bar to where the chicas are talking and laughing.

The hot chica is not here. She’s gone, thought Jose Enrique. He strides back to where his primos are waiting for him at the other side of the bar. He continues to glare at them. Sometimes I just wonder if they have any brains in their big fat heads they carry on their wide shouldersDios mio, give me patience.

“What?” asks Alex, taking a drink looking at the other side of the bar trying to see what Jose Enrique is interested in.

“Why are you mad at us?” asks Ricky, waiting for Jose Enrique’s response. Damn, why is my primo so uptight lately? I wonder if his novia is causing issues, ponders Ricky observing his primo.

“What did we do?” asks Tony, shaking his cabeza.

“Are you okay,” asks Christian observing Jose Enrique extremely irritated.

Alex, Tony, Ricky, and Christian know that Jose Enrique is furious. They also know that he’s going to do something to them. Los primos know that they will be the ones to pay for Jose Enrique’s misery. Los primos can see that Jose Enrique is upset and uptight.

Well, is this some evidence that Jose Enrique is getting anxious over something? Maybe there is no novia? Maybe Jose Enrique and his novia had a disagreement or a break up, contemplates Ricky.

“Hey, Matt we need some Coronas,” calls out Tony to the bartender. Tony always makes sure to tip Matt really well, so they are never waiting for their Coronas.IMG_6694_large


“Who are you looking for Jose Enrique?” asks Ricky, looking around to see who it can be.

“Are you looking for tu novia?” asks Alex looking down the bar in the direction where Jose Enrique is looking. The bar has a group of chicas down at the far end. Maybe we’ll get lucky and finally meet Jose Enrique’s novia, thinks Alex.

“No, I’m just looking. Is that okay, Ricky?” asks Jose Enrique with anger.

“Why are you locos late?” asks Jose Enrique taking another drink of his Corona.

“We had to wait for Alex to finish his shift at the hospital,” answers Tony moving away from Jose Enrique’s fist.

“Do you want to go down the bar and see if we can meet the chicas?” asks Alex, watching how interested he is.

“No, I just want to relax,” says Jose Enrique sitting back down on the stool.

“Oh, man I want to party tonight,” says Ricky with irritation.

“So this means we’ll be leaving early tonight?” asks Tony, shaking his head.

“Primos you can party on your own. You don’t need me,” states Jose Enrique drinking up his Corona shrugging his shoulders.

“It won’t be the same without you, Jose Enrique. We always do everything together,” says Ricky turning to look at him.

“Well, you locos need to get used to it. I’ll be getting married soon. I know that my mujer will not like it if I continue to party with you fools,” says Jose Enrique with an evil smile.

“So this is for real?” asks Tony with a strained voice.

“I thought you were just messing with us,” says Christian shaking his head.

“Why are you keeping tu novia such a secret?” asks Alex, watching Jose Enrique smile. Damn, he is being a guey about this.

“We have always shared our secrets,” says Tony, waiting for his response.

“Matt, please give me another Corona,” shouts Jose Enrique to the barten

der. Mis primos are getting me stressed outI am already anxious with the short time I have to get una novia. Dios mio, give me patience.

“I’m going to ask the chicas down the bar to dance,” says Ricky, getting up from the stool, I’m tired of pestering Jose EnriqueHe will tell us when he’s ready, he reasons, shrugging his shoulders.

“Ricky! Wait for me,” says Tony following Ricky down the bar.

“Yeah,” says Christian walking toward the chicas with Ricky and Tony.

Ricky and his primos approach the group of chicas that are laughing at the end of the bar. It looks like they are having a great time. They look funOkay this is what I’m talking aboutHere is a cute chica that looks wholesome. Yeah, sometimes I want to deal with a simple uncomplicated chica, thinks Ricky smiling at the cute chica. “Hola, do you want to dance muñeca?” asks Ricky smiling. Yeah, she’s not a beauty, but she’s cute.

“Hola, yeah I do, but I don’t want to leave mis amigas alone,” replies the chica smiling looking over at Tony and Christian.

“No worries, my primos would love to meet your amigas,” says Ricky smiling.

“Okay, what’s your name?” replies the chica looking Ricky over. Wow, this guy is muy cute. I hope that he likes me, thinks the chica smiling. “My name is Lily.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lily.  I’m Ricky De La Cruz,” says Ricky smiling at her. “These are my primos Tony and Christian.”

“Wow, I’m feliz to meet you Ricky. This is my amiga Rosa and Juana,” says Lily grinning.

“Hola,” says Christian smiling at the Rosa. “Do you want to dance?”

“Hi, yes I would love to dance,” says Rosa nodding, blushing. She takes Christian’s hand.

“Hi Juana, do you want to dance,” asks Tony smiling at the shorter cute young chica.

“Si, that’s why I came,” replies Juana laughing. “Let’s go.” She takes Tony’s hand. She pulls him to the dance floor.

“Well Lily, your amigas are now dancing with my primos. Do you want to dance or do you want to talk?’ asks Ricky gazing into her brown eyes.

“Si I want to dance,” replies Lily. She takes his hand and walks to the dance floor with him. “Do you come here often?”

“Si we come here to relax on Fridays after work. How about you?” asks Ricky looking down into her eyes? Okay it looks like she doesn’t do a thing for me. Damn, I want my hot muñeca, ponders Ricky.

“Si we come here, but we usually come here on Saturdays,” replies Lily smiling up at him. “That’s why I we never met, we come on different days.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” agrees Ricking looking at Christian and Tony’s expressions. Yeah, they don’t look like they’re real thrilled with these chicas. I think that I will dance a few songs with Lily. I should just go home. I’m tired anyway. I truly only want my hot chica. Oh yeah, thinks Ricky.

“Where do you work at?’ asks Lily looking up to see his hermosos green eyes.

“I’m into construction,” replies Ricky smiling. “Where do you work?” Yeah this is going to be interesting. I will be surprised if she works anywhere interesting, thinks Ricky.

“Ricky, I work at a junior high school in the office,” replies Lily. “Usually I have to stay home after work to help my mother take care of my younger sister. Today my mother was home and I was able to come out with my amigas.”

“Wow, it sounds like you have a busy schedule,” says Ricky nodding. Ricky continues to dance for a few songs and talks with the chica.

♥ ♥ ♥

“Jose Enrique, are you okay?” asks Alex. “You haven’t been yourself these last few days.” Alex is always there to help his primos in everything and anything.

“I think you should stop by the hospital to get some tests done. I’m worried that you’re under a lot of stress lately,” says Alex taking a drink from his Corona. Alex looks at Ricky, Christian and Tony talking to the chicas.

“I’m okay, primo,” assures Jose Enrique, shrugging his shoulders. “All of our hard work is finally paying off. La familia, our padres should be able to enjoy their golden years.”

“Come on, Jose Enrique. Is it tu novia that’s causing you stress?” asks Alex, waiting for him to open up and talk.

“No, Alex. Everything is great with mi novia,” answers Jose Enrique smiling.  Damn, Paty needs to come through for me, thinks Jose Enrique.

“Jose Enrique los primos are all worried about you. We all notice that you’re under a lot of stress. None of us has ever seen or met tu novia. We’re all concerned about you. We worry about tu novia being the right mujer for you,” says Alex looking at Jose Enrique with concern. “It’s not normal. Not one of us has met tu novia, and especially since you’re thinking of marriage.”

Alex shakes his cabeza. We need to meet his novia and make sure that she loves him and not our dinero reasons Alex.

“The entire familia will meet her soon,” says Jose Enrique not wanting to talk about it anymore. “Mi novia works long days and is out of town on business often,” states Jose Enrique looking at Ricky, Christian and Tony flirt with las chicas.

“Okay. Just let me know if you need anything,” says Alex turning to look at los primos talk to the chicas. “You know we’re here for you.”

Taking a drink from his Corona, Jose Enrique nods his cabeza at his primo. “I’m okay Alex. Tell los primos adios. I’m tired and I’m going to have an early night,” says Jose Enrique and he walks towards the door.

“Si primo, buenas noches,” replies Alex watching Jose Enrique leave early.

“Okay muñeca, It was a pleasure to meet you. I have to go,” says Ricky walking the chica back to the bar where her amigas are talking to Christian and Alex.

“Are you two ready to go? Remember that we have to get to work early to go to work at the construction site,” says Ricky. Si, this is our standard line to get away from the chicas that we don’t click with. It always works awesome, thinks Ricky nodding.

“Si primo, you’re right. It’s getting late,” replies Christian nodding. “It was nice to meet you Rosa, adios chicas.”

“Yes it was,” replies Rosa blushing nodding.

“Juana, I have to leave also. We all work at the construction site. It was awesome to meet you. Maybe I’ll see you next week,” say Tony smiling. “Okay primo, I’m ready to leave, adios.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” says Lily smiling. “Adios.”

Ricky, Christian and Tony return to where Alex is sitting and drinking the last of his Corona.

“Okay primo, where did Jose Enrique go?” asks Ricky looking around. “I’m done here. I’m tired of talking to these chicas.”

“Wow that’s amazing,” says Alex grinning. “Why didn’t you like her?”

“I don’t know. It did not feel right. No reaction at all,” says Ricky shrugging. “Maybe I’m tired of messing around with all of the chicas. It’s starting to get old.”

“Si primo that is amazing,” says Christian asking for a Corona. “Let me have another Corona before we leave.”

“Ricky I can’t believe what you’re saying. You always enjoy las chicas that chase you,” says Tony laughing taking a drink of his Corona.

“Si primo that is unusual, maybe I should have you committed,” says Alex laughing.

“Si gueys, you can laugh all you want. I’m not in the mood to flirt or to be close to any chica tonight,” says Ricky shrugging.

Si, I’m tired of these games. I’m tired of these chicas that I know I will never see again. They’re not worth it. I’m tired of being another hombre in their vida. I want one that truly loves me. I want one that is mia, only mia, ponders Ricky gazing out the window. I want my hot sexy muñeca that drives me loco. She makes me burn when I hold her in my arms. Yeah, but I can’t look for her at work.

“Are you gueys ready?” asks Ricky turning over to look at his primos.

“Si, I’m ready,” replies Tony.

“I’ll go back with Alex,” replies Christian looking at Alex nod.

“Okay see ya later primos,” says Ricky walking out the club with Tony following him


Ricky and Tony head back home. Ricky is stressed and anxious. I need to see my hot sexy chica. This is so damn hard. I don’t know her name, I don’t have her number, and I can’t talk to her at work. Damn it all to hell, I need her, thinks Ricky walking to his cuarto.

“Buena noches Ricky,” says Tony walking to his cuarto.

“Si, buenas noches hermano,” replies Ricky turning the corner to go into his cuarto. Damn it all to hell, I need to get something from my carro.

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