Free Chapter Twelve!

Chapter Twelve 

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga 

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga!
Free Chapter Twelve!
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Okay it’s time to sneak out. Ricky is asleep after our hard crazy love making. I loved it. I don’t want to wake him. I so want to taste him again. I’m so wanton, thinks Jacki smiling.

She slides off the cam

a and observes him. I better go now before it gets any later. I don’t want my padres to know that I didn’t spend the night at home.

Jacki sneaks out th

rough his french doors and creeps close to the casa praying that nobody is up. It’s a good thing that I know the casa from when I used to stay over with Vero and Claudia. That was a long time ago. Who would have thought that I would be sneaking out of Ricky’s cuarto, muses Jacki smiling.

Jacki quickly arrives at her casa and sneaks back into her cuarto. She takes a quick shower.

Oh yeah, he really marked my breasts and my heart. He was very hungry, thinks Jacki smiling.

I’m thinking of getting a body piercing. I wonder if he will like it. I know that he loves my waxed heart.  I know that he loves to make love. Yeah I’m looking into it. Well he might not even want to see me again, who knows.

I need to make sure that I wear a top that covers all of his love marks. I don’t want my padres to get pissed off. I know that I’m not following our customs and traditions like they want me to.

It’s a great thing that I always wear my hair down. Geeze, I’m so sneaky. Now I added another thing to my list of what I shouldn’t have done. I have a tattoo near my heart. I waxed my heart. I have made love with Ricky without marriage. I sneaked out of my casa at night to be with him. Wow, if my padres ever learn about this, they will be upset and disappointed, contemplates Jacki

Jacki walks out of her cuarto to search for her familia to have breakfast. It smells awesome. I feel like some coffee. Jacki walks into the kitchen. “Buenos dias. Is Jessy still sleeping?” asks Jacki taking a seat.

“Buenos dias mi hija,” replies her Papa. “I think that Jessy is still sleeping. I’m going to the store.  I’ll be back.”

“Buenos dias mi hija, si I need some flour,” says Mama Ana smiling at her esposo.

“Mama I want to go to the movies. Do you or Jessy want to go with me,” asks Jacki finishing her cereal.

“Si Jacki, I will tell Jessy when she gets up,” says Mama Ana.

“Okay mama, I’m going to my cuarto. I want to get my clothes organized,” says Jacki as she stands. Jacki returns to her cuarto and takes a short nap.

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