Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga


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Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga 

Chapter Fourteen


He hasn’t looked for me again, thinks Jacki. Jacki goes to her desk and starts to work. I need to stop thinking about our hot encounters. Oh yeah, all I do is dream of making love. I need to forget him. He makes me so wanton. No more dreamsSi, I need to remember this. Ricardo Emanuel De La Cruz is not for me, hmmm, thinks Jacki turning on the computer.

Later in the day Jacki walks to the gym to work out. The gym is full of people and Ricky is there. He usually works out at lunch time, but today he didn’t. Ricky is on the treadmill and immediately sees Jacki walk in.

Damn yes, she’s here at the gym. I get to see her sweet ass and her work out, contemplates Ricky gazing into her eyes. Hell yes, she’s remembering our erotic hot moments. He continues to run observing her turn quickly away from him. She strides quickly into the women’s locker room.

Oh dios mio, Ricky is here working out, thinks Jacki blushing, gazing into his hermosos green eyes. Si he remembers and I’m so embarrassed, I acted incredibly wanton.

Jacki changes into her work outfit and walks out into the gym. She goes to do some weights attempting to avoid turning to look at Ricky.

I’m going to die. I can’t believe that he’s focusing on me and my workout. I don’t want to meet his gaze.  I know that he’s also remembering our hot loving making. Oh I wish that I did have the right to go in the shower with him. I want to touch him and lather his entire body with my hands. Then I want to taste every inch of him until he begs for more.  I better stop thinking about it, because I will get all worked up. It’s bad enough thinking of him at night, going crazy with the need to feel him near me and inside me. I’m going crazy with this pasión that he has awakened, thinks Jacki flushing.

Ricky observes Jacki work out with the weights the entire time that he’s finishing his workout.

Damn, she’s hot, and extremely sexy. I love her body. I know that she’s thinking about us. She’s flushed and not from the workout. I will never forget how she looks fully aroused with pasión. I can’t talk to her now, but I will. Eventually I will be able to talk to her and I will not let her go. Great, I’m done working out. I have to take a shower, because she has me all worked up.  I know that the employees will notice. All of the guys are done and gone. There are only a few women finishing their workout, thinks Ricky getting off the treadmill.

He grabs his towel to wipe his face and the towel falls down covering his crotch. He then walks to the locker room to shower.  Gracias dios mio, the men are all done. I have the locker room to myself.  I wonder if she will walk in, yeah right, contemplates Ricky. He goes to his own private shower stall that’s only for la familia.

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