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Free to Be Me

NEW BOOKS!Darlin Storm, Tequila 10 By P.T. Macias 2-28-14Phantom, Razer 8 By P.T. Macias 4.26.14 -ATPhantom, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias 5.4.14

Phantom, Razer 8, Delta Force operative.
Classified Information
Name – Angelo De Amato
DOB – June 8, 1984
Marital Status – Single
Family –
Mother Marie De Amato
Father –deceased- Angelo De Amato.
He’s 6’2”. He has dark hair, gray blue eyes, and a light tan. His jaw is square but has an adorable dimple in his chin. This dimple keeps him from looking hard. He has nice trimmed goatee, to hide his adorable dimple.
Mark Lotus’s Razer 8 Team
Delta Force Commander Knight –
“I want to welcome you to the new Delta Force team. The name Razer was selected because you will be able to raze any entity, country, or structure in the world.” Commander Knight observes each team operative. He needs to register their commitment, excitement and aspirations. “The Agency believes each one of you will be the best operative in the world, in your field…

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