Seizing Fate, Alpha Shifters Love

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Seizing Fate, Alpha Shifters Love series

Copyright © 2015 By P.T. Macias

The young, hot, and sexy Dr. Grant is weary, jaded and skeptical at 99 years old. He’s impatient to meet his mate, start and enjoy a family, and hold his cubs. Kymberly, a young beauty, meets him on her birthday. She likes him, she wants him, and she is full of life. He tries to push her away. His mate, the one he’s been searching for and waiting for all his life! Now, finally he meets her. She’s in front of him. The problem is that he doesn’t want to touch her. Of course, he feels awful because she’s so young, but he can’t resist her. The unexpected happens. The threat of losing her forces him to action.


I’m going to share a little nibble, oh yeah!

Damn it, now what? We’re here alone, darn. Grant continues to gaze into her green eyes. He’s unable to resist, and searches for her soul.

“Grant?” Kymberly falls deep into his gaze, connecting with his soul.

Grant nods at her and stands up. He towers over her and walks the few steps to stop in front of her, a couple of inches between them. “Yeah?” He shoves his hands into his jeans. I need to control the wild impulse to grab her, pull her close, and kiss her. I have to resist this pull.

“I’m really happy to meet you on my twenty-first birthday because I’m glad that you’re going to celebrate it with me.” She moves her right hand to push her hair over her shoulder, the silver bangles jingling softly.

The movement causes her right breast to move up, drawing his attention to her sweet nipple. Grant swallows hard and takes a step back. “It’s my pleasure, Kymberly.”

Kymberly watches him move back and she raises an eyebrow. “Don’t run from me, Grant. I know you feel it and it feels so right.”

He gazes into her huge green eyes and nods. “Yeah, but I can’t because you’re too young.” He clenches his jaw, closes his eyes, and shudders as her scent seeps into his body and soul.

He releases his bonding scent, his wolf ready to claim his mate, and not willing to wait. He inhales deeply and a deep growl starts to rumble deep in his chest, ready to flow out. He clenches his jaw tight to keep it in.

“Hmm….you smell delicious.” She closes her eyes, smiles a sexy small smile, and nods. She licks her lower lip and opens her eyes to gaze into his surprised eyes.

“You smell my scent?” Hell, that’s incredible. Damn it.

“Yes, you smell like spice, sandalwood, and incredible.” She nods, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply.

His body releases more of his bonding scent and he trembles. No, no I need to control this because I can’t scare her off. Hell, I’m not sure how to deal with her, a human mate? Damn it.

She opens her eyes and searches his eyes for his thoughts. “You’re going to spend the evening with me, right?” I don’t know why I feel that he wants to run. I know that he feels this connection.

Grant nods and smiles a small smile. “Yes.”


“Yes, I promise.”



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