A Vhampier’s Forbidden Wolf By P.T. Macias, Paranormal Bad Boys Are Sexy, Wild, And Full Of Suspense! Romancing Shifters Paranormal Fantasy



Enjoy A Delicious Bite! It’s All About The Bite! 

“I see that you are hungry. Cyn, tell me about you. What do you do? What are your dreams?”

Cynthia winks, and slowly chews her steak. When she’s done, she grins at him, and leans in close to him.

“My dream is to fuck you silly.”

He grins at her and leans in close to her ear. He whispers and nibbles her ear.

“Yeah, that’s my dream too. What other dreams do you have?”

Hell, she’s driving me insane. She’s full of life, sexy as hell, and has taken my soul.

“I dream of …….hmmm. Well, I would love to be part of the World’s Enforcers, but I know that the Supernatural Realms Council won’t accept me. They won’t allow me on the team because I don’t have any special abilities. Sometimes I think that I would like to model but it’s only been a fun thought. I’m not interested in school because I don’t know what I would like to do at this time in my life. I’m going to wait to go after my career.”

She bites her lower lip, smiles a sexy mischievous smile.

“I dream of meeting my mate someday and having my cubs. Viktor, I mean that I see it like this. I’m young, I have a lot of years to live. Why can’t I have fun, and enjoy my life until I meet my mate? I can always have a career later, maybe after my cubs are grown. The world realms culture could mature, maybe the technology, and culture would make it easier to reach for my dreams.”

Viktor narrows his eyes to hide his anger. Fuck no! Her mate? What the fuck! Why am I dying with the thought of her mating? I’m not her mate or a wolf. I can’t offer her cubs. I can fuck her silly but would that be enough? Will I be satisfied?

“Viktor? Did I make you mad? I hope not because my family is already mad at me. They feel that I’m too wild and spoiled because I don’t want to go to school.”

Viktor closes his eyes to hide his fear and anger. What the fuck should I say?

He opens his beautiful green eyes, the gold specks sparkle.

“I’m not mad.”

“I hope not because I want you. I want to enjoy our time as long as it is.”

Viktor smiles at her and raises her hand up to his lips. He kisses her hand and slowly turns it over to inhale her spicy rose blood. He places his lips at the veins, enjoying the rapid fiery flow of her blood.

Cynthia watches him. She shudders with wild hot hunger, and leans closer. She whispers into his ear.

“Viktor, I don’t see why we should fight this wild hunger. We wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

She licks her lower lip, watching his lips place a hot kiss on the veins on her wrist. She trembles as a burning shiver races through her body. Her breasts swell and her nipples get harder.

Fucking hell, his lips feel so hot. I can feel his soul, and his vanilla spicy scent bleed into every pore in my body. I’m on fire and aching. What the hell! I’m not supposed to feel like this for a vhampier. I’m positive that these are feelings that I’m supposed to feel for my mate.

He looks at her breasts and nipples. He groans and looks up into her glowing blue eyes.

What the fuck, she has me totally under her spell, my body is in sync with hers, and I’m going to explode. I can feel her wild hunger, her soul is burning into mine, and I can feel her wolf.

“No, we wouldn’t, but because you’re young I would like to know that you’re aware of the chaos that our relationship would cause.”





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Note To Reader: My books contain hot steamy sex (it will arouse), adult content, descriptive sex scenes (protagonists may talk dirty), and action. The books don’t contain violence. If this is not the type of stories that you like to read, please skip this book. However, if you like dirty, sexy, hot scorching sex with growling domineering alpha males and sexy curvy sassy girls, then this is your cup of tea. Enjoy!

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