The Vhampier’s Fated Love: Eternal Love Bite’s, Vhampier’s Realm By P.T. Macias New release!

Colton stops a couple of feet from her, places his hands at his waist, and scornfully glares at her.
Fucking hell! She’s shameless, irresponsible, and inconsiderate!
Colton grinds his jaw tight, narrowing his eyes. He inhales, and quickly regrets it!
Fuck! It’s worse now! Damn it! Her scent is getting stronger!
Linda smiles, nods, and turns slightly to set her purse on the chair. She smiles, extending her right hand out to greet him.
“Congressman Bach, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m so honored that you accepted my application to work as your intern.”
“Ms. Leal, you are late!”
Colton ignores her hand and gazes into her beautiful hazel eyes. He watches the silver specks flash.
Fuck! She’s a Pixie! This is fucking unreal! Gage didn’t tell me! What the fuck! Her scent is intoxicating! Fuck, her scent is real! I don’t want to think about it! I’m too fucking old for this! Too set in my ways! Can’t happen!
Linda stands taller, moving her hand back, clasping her hands behind her back. The movement causes her breasts to push up, drawing his attention back.
Huh, yeah! He’s so damn hot that my body is reacting to his sexy sandalwood scent. Wow!
Colton hisses. He closes his eyes and then opens them. He gazes into her knowing eyes. Uncontrollably, his eyes move to look at her swelling breasts. His cock starts to throb and his incisors start to emerge.
“Technically, I’m not late!”
Colton opens his eyes, exhales, and glares at her. He grinds his jaw to control the surging emotions, turns, and walks to his desk.
I need to control this absurd reaction. I’m not an inexperienced Vhampier. I don’t fucking believe her!
Colton stops at his desk, looks at her, and smugly smirks.
“Technically, you are! You were not here in my office; therefore, you are late!”
Colton slides onto the leather chair behind his desk to conceal his bulging cock. He slides his hand over his pants to adjust his cock, grinding his jaw, and closing his eyes.
Damn it! This is getting out of control! She’s late! She’s shameless! She’s irresponsible! She’s my mate? Fuck no!
Linda watches his cold look and his simmering anger.
“I mean, I was on time but the officer refused to let me go! The other officers always let me go with a warning. He followed me into the parking lot. He took his sweet time writing up the ticket. You see, I’m not late.”
Colton moves his hand to grab his pen, a dark golden-brown lock falls over his forehead, and he swiftly signs the write up on her tardiness. He then throws the pen down and leans back into the chair. He solemnly looks at her, compressing his lips and narrowing his eyes.
“Ms. Leal, your first day has been unbelievable. I would like you to ask Ms. Adams to show you to your office. You will find your assigned project on top of your desk. I expect you to research, locate necessary providers, qualifying candidates, and create a proposal. I expect that you take this project seriously and diligently work on it. Don’t expect any special considerations because you’re Senator Leal’s daughter. If you have any questions, create a list, and make an appointment with Ms. Adams to meet with me. I welcome you to the team.”
The Fates spin the shimmering indigo magical thread of love, bonding life and souls as one definite forever love.
Linda’s daily objective is to raise hell until the pain fades to forget the hurt of abandonment!
Colton Bach, the Vhampier Prince, is too old, bored, and jaded to chase after a spoiled brat even if she’s his bonded forever mate.
The Fates shimmering magical indigo thread of love will not be ignored! The thread is pulled, hurling them into fury passionate hate love race.

The Vhampier's Fated Love, Eternal Love Bite's, Vhampier's Realm
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