Elite Power: Wesley By P.T. Macias New Release 12.1.19

Enjoy the excerpt!

Wesley closes his beautiful blue eyes, lowering his head, the black lock falls over his forehead. 

He then raises his head, frowning turns away and stopping at the foot of the bed. He looks at Julia one more time clenching his hands.

Fuck! I hate to leave her. This has been heaven and hell.

I hate myself for taking her when our future is in his damn hands. I never wanted to have her as just a lover! I wanted her as my wife.

Rizzo, that fucking bastard didn’t take me seriously! I told him that I was interested in Julia. The old bastard laughed! Actually, laughed at me, the Earl Roth of the Elite Power. Bastard doesn’t know who I am.

Rizzo had the audacity to marry her off to Capo Gallo. A fucking Capo!

It doesn’t make any sense. He doesn’t love my Julia. Gallo is fucking around, he has two lovers on the side!

“I’ll call you soon.”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Wesley exits the hotel suite bedroom into the sitting area resigned, feeling the tightness in his chest clutching hard around his heart.

He takes a few steps and stops. He rubs his fingers, and grimaces turns around to walk back into the bedroom.

I need to wash my hands.

He walks into the bedroom and into the bathroom. He washes his hands. He turns and stops at the bathroom door to look at Julia one last time.

The bathroom light softly illuminates the room. He raises his right eyebrow, stares at the man sitting in the far corner chair with his hands on his knees staring at the floor.

“When the fuck did you get in?”

Wesley then looks over at the bed at Julia staring at the ceiling, blinking away the tears.

Fucking rips my heart apart seeing her cry.

His chest tightens and his heart flutters seeing her in tears. He looks over at the man.

“Asshole, we had a deal!”

The man continues to stare at the floor, his hands grasp the armrests of the chair.

“You bastard! What the fuck are you doing here?!”

Hugo Gallo raises his head, his light brown eyes look vacant, cold. He glowers at Wesley clenching his jaw.

“It fucking doesn’t matter how long I’ve been here!”

Hugo snarls, pushing up from the chair, and quickly turns raising his arm. He aims at Julia, shooting her in the heart.

“Noooooo,” roars Wesley, looking pale.

His heart stops, and then pounds rapidly in his chest, making it difficult to breathe. 

Wesley sprints, anxious to stop him. He shoves Hugo into the wall knocking the Glock out of his hand, falling to the ground.

Wesley swings back his right-hand hitting Gallo in the face, knocking him to the carpet. He continues to punch Gallo in the face with his big fists. The rage blinds him, he kicks him on the side cracking some ribs.

Wesley mercilessly beats him, his blue eyes are dark, cold dangerous.

“Why? Why, you motherfucker! Why did you kill her?!”

Hugo’s pained eyes, flutter, trying to glare at him. He sneers, his nose bleeding, and holding his side.

“Fuck you! I don’t need to deal with you! I’m going to deal directly with Konig! Rizzo reneged on our deal! He doesn’t want to share the territory!”

“I could have fixed it! Don’t you fucking know who I am?!”





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Title: The Princess and The Capo

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Join authors Alice La Roux, Anna Edwards, Brooke Summers, Gemini Jensen, Isabel Lucero, Karen Frances, Krissy V, Leah Negron, Logan Fox, P.T. Macias, Raven Amor, Samantha Fontien, Sean Azinsalt, and Taylor Porter as they take you on this dark and delicious journey through The Dark Kingdom.

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So, I read Book 2 and I had to go back and read Book 1. I’m so glad I did! This book is filled with drama and suspense. It wasn’t a book I could easily put down, I had to drive home from getting car serviced. You better believe it when I got home I continued reading! Trent has this cold all business attitude but you also see the most gentle and loving man. A definite re-read!

Fanbloodytastic book

Amazing book. I absolutely love the way PT writes. This is a true love story although brought on in a very different way, love it.
An awesome start to an amazing series!
A page-turner in a uniquely exciting way.

Trent lived a harsh life, having to turn from a kid into a man in speed record to assume his position in the Elites for the sake of his family. He has experienced the consequences of power and greed first hand and realized that appearances are everything in the world of the rich and powerful. Reputation might save your life one day or send you to hell. Therefore, he has hidden his true self form the word…too bad there is a lady that knows he is more than he appears to be.
Lady Yvette Kaiser is beautiful and sweet but at the same time knows what she wants and would not relent until she gets it. I believe this determination to be into his life was exactly what Trent needed. I have to say I enjoyed it when Yvette gave him an attitude or an ultimatum because, otherwise, he would have put their feelings on hold for the sake of protection. Sometimes you need to live the now, otherwise, what you love will be taken away.
For a mafia leader, Trent had a very warm and sweet side for Yvette. He made me swoon when he confessed his love. In regards to Yvette, she made me giggle and smile and feel proud of how strong she can be while still be an innocent Angel in the eyes of Trent. I do believe they are the perfect match.
I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. If Trent is any indication, the next book will be totally awesome too!

US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VJZHKCZ
UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07VJZHKCZ
CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07VJZHKCZ
AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07VJZHKCZ

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