Slay, Dark Fallen Angels MC NorCal Chapter By P.T. Macias! New Release!

. .🌺 . .🌺 New Release! .🌺 . . . .🌺 . .🌺 Bad Boy Biker MC Club Romance. 🌺 . .

. .🌺 . . Meet the Bad Boy Bikers! . .🌺 .🌺

.🌺You gotta meet him Slay! 🌺 . .🌺

.🌺 Slay ~ Sterling Briggs I left home at seventeen. Straight into the Army. I never went back. I joined the MC. The MC is my family. My life is chaos. Full of danger and blood. I left my true love. She appears asking for help. My heart beats for her. My soul is ecstatic. She’s sweet and innocent. She’s mine.
.🌺 Jewel Banks It’s been three days. My twin is missing. The Viper is pissed. The money and drugs are gone. The Viper wants me to pay. I promised my twin. I will leave. I promise to go to Sterling. My only love. He left years ago. He never returned. I’m scared. I have a secret. He needs to know. I need him. Does he still love me? Will he help me? Will he hate me?



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