Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga Chapter 1

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga Chapter 1 

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Click on photo to read. Enjoy! Please leave a comment, I love to chat with you.  Patricia ♥
Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga Chapter 1
Click on photo to read. Enjoy!
Please leave a comment, I love to chat with you.
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Chapter One



Okay, I have to hurry to get to Claudia and Vero’s casa. The De La Cruz twins are my best amigas ever. I love to visit them because they are so fun but also because I get a chance to see Ricky, the twins’ older hermano, thinks Jacki just trembling at the thought. 


The twins are beautiful and confident. I’m such a nerd, I’m happy that my hermana Jessy helps me with my outfits. Yeah, I’m lucky that the twins are my amigas. We have been amigas forever. We have a project that we have to get done. Time is flying quickly and we’re half way through our junior year in high school. I know what I want to study. I love mathematics and I want to be a CPA.


I want to get there before Ricky leaves. He’s always going somewhere. This is the only time that I get to see him, thinks Jacki walking quickly down the sidewalk.


I love and adore Ricky because he’s hot. He’s simply amazing. I have seen the tenderness and affection he showers his hermanas and mama. I love his personality and how confident he is. I have always seen him accomplish his goals.  


Claudia and Vero tell me what he’s up to and how tons of chicas pursue him. Wow, the chicas are really bellas. I know he will never notice me. I’m such a nerd, thinks Jacki.


She strides up to the door and knocks on the door. She looks around for Ricky’s car. Si he’s still here, muses Jacki.


The door opens and it’s Vero smiling. “Hola Jacki, come in. Claudia and I are almost done with our cupcakes.”


“Okay Vero,” replies Jacki following her into the kitchen.


“Hola Jacki, we’re almost done. We will do our project after we finish the cupcakes,” says Claudia nodding.


Si, we need to get it done today,” says Vero cleaning up the mess that Claudia is making.


“Hola mi hija, nice to see you again Jacki,” says Mama Lupe smiling.


“Hola Señora,” says Jacki smiling. I’m so excited because I get a chance to see Ricky, thinks Jacki smiling.


Jacki stands behind the kitchen counter and leans against the wall to the side. She observes the twins make cupcakes for their familia Sunday dinner.


Ricky walks into the kitchen. “Mama, I’m going to the movies with the primos. I’m taking Tony with me,” says Ricky. He hugs his mama, not noticing Jacki.


“Si mi hijo, you have fun,” says Mama Lupe.


Ricky turns to the twins and gives them a hug. “Make sure to leave me a cupcake,” says Ricky. He turns and walks out of the kitchen. He didn’t notice Jacki leaning against the wall on the side of the counter.


“Okay, will do,” says Vero nodding.


Omg, he’s muy cute cute. I love watching him. He gives me a strange warm feeling inside. I know that he doesn’t know that I exist, thinks Jacki observing him walk out of the casa.


Jacki is watching Ricky and Tony get into the car wishing she was going in the car too. Finally she turns away from the window with a sigh and observes the twins finish pouring the batter into the cupcake pan.


* * *

Oh yeah, today I’m going to get my tattoo on my hip. Now I’m eighteen and nobody will ever know. Nobody knows this daring and slightly naughty side of me. They all see the nerd that is good at mathematics’ and always has her nose in a book.


 I have been dreaming of this forever. I love Ricky and I dream of the day that I’m his. I know that I’m a little loca, but I don’t care. I pray that someday he will notice me. I’m putting his name Ricardo Emmanuel inside a heart.


I know the chances of marrying Ricky are slim. I know he will never notice me but I don’t care. I will worry about it later, ponders Jacki walking into the tattoo shop.


“Yes, I want a tattoo of a heart with Ricardo Emmanuel inside the heart,” says Jacki to the young tattoo artist.


“Okay, here are some examples of hearts. Pick one and I will tattoo it on you. Do you know where you want it?” asks the tattoo artist.


“Yes I want it on my right hip. Wow you have some awesome tattoos. I like this one,” says Jacki.


“Okay come this way,” says the tattoo artist. He leads Jacki to a table. “Show me where you want it.”


Jack sits on the table and pulls down her skirt to show him where she wants the tattoo. Jacki blushes and bites her lower lip. Oh dios mio this is embarrassing but I have always dreamed of having his name on my hip near my heart, muses Jacki.


The tattoo artist starts working on the tattoo. He makes Jacki feel as comfortable as he can.


Wow, finally I have my tattoo, thinks Jacki blushing and smiling in the mirror. “Yes, this is exactly what I wanted,” says Jacki feeling very risqué.


“Okay, follow the instructions that I gave you,” says the tattoo artist.

*  *  *

A few years later, Jacqueline Cortez, Jacki turns to get her purse from her desk after she turns off the computer. “Ahh, hmmm,” murmurs Jacki stretching.  I’m so tired. I’m glad the work day is over. I’m going to get me a nice romance novel to read with a cold drink, but first I’ll go swimming a little. It’s such a lovely noche, thinks Jacki striding out of the office.

Jacki walks down the hall and into the elevator. Yeah, I’m often one of the last ones out of here, Jacki thinks walking to her carro.  Jacki opens her car door throwing her purse inside. The moment before entering she hears some voices. There’s laughter down the parking aisle. She turns looking down the end of the parking aisle that is reserved for the executives of the compania.

Jacki’s hermosos hazel eyes expand enormously, she’s irritated. Damn it, si there’s that wicked playboy at it again. Oh dios mio, will he ever stop. I have been watching him for years. It doesn’t help that I work for his compania now. No, I still struggle with my corazon every time I see him, especially when I see him with his mujeres. Okay, quiet mi corazon, he’s not for me. I have to stamp this in my corazon and alma, reasons Jacki standing outside her car.

Jacki is at her car, observing her eternal enchantment attempting to escape the arms of a hot hermosa mujer. Every word is echoed in the parking garage.

Muñeca I’m going inside to my office for a quick minute. I need to get my portfolio. I forgot it,” says Ricky pulling away from the arms of the hermosa mujer smiling. “I’ll be back real soon.”

Ricardo Emmanuel De La Cruz, the in house attorney is the eldest son in his familia. He’s in charge of the building contracts. Ricky is known for his playboy ways. The chicas have pursued him since high school.  Every week he’s seen with a new chica. He’s never, ever taken a serious interest in one chica. Ricky loves them all.

Jacki is observing the entire exchange with disgust and annoyance. I have seen her before on the Spanish television station. She’s the new Latina model. Si of course Davina Sala and he always dates only hot bella mujeres, judges Jacki. She bites her lower lip with frustration.

The mujer giggles, pulling Ricky down closer to her. “Come and give me another beso and then you can go,” she laughs. She succeeds in pulling him down for another beso. “Oh, si Ricky I love your besos,” says Davina.


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