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“Day By Day, What You Choose, What You Think, And What You Do, Is Who You Become!” Heraclitus

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Designing Dream Life With Patricia

Professional Personal Spiritual Life Coach

A Partnership To Encourage Thought Provoking Creative Process To Inspire You To Maximize Personal Professional Life Potential!

Are you feeling stuck, lost, frustrated and angry?

Design your dream life into reality.

Design Your Dream Life With Power!

Your Reality Is Now!

Remove the blocks, align your needs and values into reality!

The powerful established link in your personal and spiritual beliefs are often the cause of your limitations. Therefore, it is beneficial to identify the beliefs systems, old mindsets, values, and align your needs.

Remove the blocks that hinder your growth.

It’s time to reach for your dreams and your goals. It’s an investment in your self-development and fulfillment.

The satisfaction will drive you to the next level. Level up your game with a professional personal life coach. 

I’m highly intuitive and full of spiritual passion. I’m dedicated to serving others by helping them to heal, empowering them on their spiritual journey, and personal professional growth.

I’m experienced, have natural intuition, skills nurtured by training, coaching, and mentoring.

I have years of experience in inspiring and empowering people to recognize their Divine life purpose and to maximize their potential!

All sessions are treated with the utmost respect, integrity, and confidentiality. 

Please email me for details – ptm@ptmacias.com

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The University of Phoenix – Dual Degrees – Bachelor Of Science Business Management And Business Administration

University Of Davis – Professional Coaching For Life And Work

Certified Reiki Master, Udemy

Empath and spiritual guidance

Marshall Sylver Affiliate

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