King, Dark Fallen Angels MC NorCal Chapter By P.T. Macias! New Release!

King ~ Kingston Dark

The Darks are family.

The MC is in my blood.

The Prez is killed.

Justice will be met.

I’m elected Prez.

The MC is at war.

A rat is among us.

Is it a hang-around?

Is it the club whores?

The woman is hot.

She looks scared.

Her eyes don’t lie.

But can I trust her?

Does she need to be gone?

Mikayla Warren 

My brother fucked up.

He demands my help.


He’s fucking crazy dumb ass.

My brother wants to hand me over.

To the Cartel.

As payment.

To save his fucking ass.

He offers another option.

For me to infiltrate the MC.

It’s a no brainer.

Sex slave or MC bitch.

I’m on a mission.

To gather the DETS.

To seduce the Prez.

To my surprise.

The Prez is hot.

He grabs my heart.

He steals my soul.

What should I do?

Stand with the Prez or my brother.

I got this.

No worries.



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