Elite Power, Supreme Legacy Series By P.T. Macias

The Elite power is supreme, but love brings them to their knees!

Elite Power

The most powerful puppet masters, the top echelon of the world, the Elite Supreme Power. The six most powerful families created the Elite Supreme Power legacy of the world, the masters, dictating society, and serving their own agenda.

These families rise to power started in the 18th century when the Renaissance period began a renewed interest in social, arts, political, and economic philosophies. The master family’s mutated into the most powerful corporations in the world. Their legacy, the accumulation of vast wealth through their large corporations are the Master’s hegemonic power, the complicated framework of politics and business that are creators of The Elite Supreme Power.

The Master’s vast wealth empowered them to control the world’s political, military, and economic systems. The Masters, the oligarchy power created the current world as we know it.

The Elite Power Masters not only control the world in all aspects but also manage their own.

The Masters designer baby’s genetic makeup is perfect. The use of the newest medical techniques was used before it was known to the world. The new generation of the Elite Powers is the first original designer babies, the Earls. The Earls genetic properties are flawless in all aspects. The embryo was genetically engineered in vitro for particular traits, such as gender, hair color, eye color, IQ, and the removal of genetic diseases.

The Earls have been trained by the best, and their education has been methodical thorough, intense, and demanding in all areas, including etiquette, music to military combat training.

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Elite Power: Trent

Elite Power, Rhett

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