Rebel, Dark Fallen Angels MC NorCal Chapter By P.T. Macias New Release!

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.🌺 . .🌺 Angels, Rebel is live!

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.🌺 The Dark Angels are in his blood. It’s his legacy. He left his true love as a boy and returned a man, ready to fight, to protect the one he loves, that owns his soul!

.🌺 Wrongs are righted in more ways than one. Fast-paced, good story.

.🌺 Full of action from start to finish.Strong bonds within the club, always there for one another.

.🌺 Rebel

The club is my family. My Mom ran away. My father was killed. My grandma did what she could. Grandma calls me. Needs a favor. I can’t refuse her anything. She asks me to protect a girl. Not just any girl. She’s a Mexican girl. I’m not a babysitter. The girl is beautiful. She lights my soul. My heart skips a beat. 

. .🌺Carolina

Grandpa is dead. The street gang killed him. He refused to play the game. I’m alone. The gang scares me. They want me. Not happening. I need to run. I have nowhere to go. The biker is at my door. He wants to help. Can I trust him?



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