Awesome Romance, Fantasy, and Magic Blog

Hi amigos, I’m inviting you to visit my new blog .  

My new blog will be for books reviews, interviews, guest posts, and life.
I’m inviting you to join me in the excitement and pleasure of meeting authors, the discovery of new books, and the enjoyment of life!  My favorite genre is romance and paranormal.
I will be starting to review some books and post the reviews with some information on the author, availability, and images. I will also post the reviews in Goodreads and Shelfari.
I will  love to interview authors about their writing, books, and thoughts.
I will have some guest posts available for authors. I will reserve the right to  decline posts that are not acceptable.
The other area that I will talk about are the interesting issues on life, thoughts, food, and love.



I also want to invite you to visit my daughter’s blog.

My representative has a new awesome blog.