Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 Supernatural Realm Enforcers Elite Ops By P.T. Macias

Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 by P.T. Macias 6.28.14 Supernatural -Kindle Phantom, Razer 8 and Darlin Storm, Tequila 7.1.14Tequila 10 Supernatural Realm Enforcers Elite Ops Tequila 10 is a new series that’s full of paranormal entities. Werewolves, vhampiers, dragons, and a sorcerer are the supernatural realm enforcers. The special operatives work with the government, using their special abilities but also have their own agenda. Special operative monitor the supernatural community, even as they are swept into a whirlwind of love, truths, and untold passions. The supernatural realms are threatened and endangered. Time is running out! The enforcers are desperate to stop the menace. Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 by P.T. MaciasRebel, the youngest Vhampier prince, loves his independence, his life, and his women. His Father, the Emperor Vlastimir, has commanded Rebel to stop his wild rebel ways and select a mate, to procreate. Rebel continues to enjoy his chosen lifestyle until he meets the beautiful, sexy, passionate werewolf, Amber Johnson. Rebel and Amber merge as one, against all odds. Their passion explodes. Their souls bond. Secrets are exposed. Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 Banner 6.29.14 AVATAR http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LDCE0YG https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/452778

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