Hot & Spicy Book Excerpt – Chapter 7 :)

Hot & Spicy – excerpt 🙂

Chapter Seven

Jose Enrique sits at the conference table waiting for his novia to show up. I just want to be here before they do so I can take a goodlook at her before they realize I’m here. I have a good feeling aboutthis. I have been endeavoring to remember Paty’s amigas from high school. I don’t recall any of them coming over to la casa. Paty is right. I never paid attention to them. I was too busy studying, going to school, y assisting on mi free time at la familia’s company. I have faith in Paty. Paty says mi novia is hermosa, smart, y muy sexy.

Paty y Jessy are laughing as they enter the conference room. Jessy steps into the cuarto first. Oh dios mio, Jose Enrique is waiting. He looks hotter than ever before. Mi corazon will not stop pounding. Mi chest, it’s going to explode. I’m going to die. I’m going to stop breathing.

Take a deep breath, stay calm. I need to be professional,sophisticated, y sexy. Yeah, right! Geez! Smile and greet him. I need to put mi portfolio on the desk and be ready for his greetings, thought Jessy. Take control. Don’t tremble y definitely do not sweat. Okay, I can do this. Smile.

Jose Enrique observes his novia enter the cuarto first. Dios mio, Wow! Gracias dios mio. It’s the bella chica that I saw at the club on Friday. I do owe Paty big, big time. Smiling, Jose Enrique approaches his novia reaching out to enfold her in a tight hug.

“Hola, novia mia,” Jose Enrique said proceeding to give her a beso.

What is he doing? He is kissing me! Relax. Return his beso, thought Jessy.

Jose Enrique almost releases her when he feels her tremble y stiffens. He is about to step back and release her when he feels her relax. Dios mio, I have never felt so much attraction in a simple beso. Her lips are so soft y silky. She tastes like heaven.

She’s trembling. Hmmm maybe I am scaring her. I should stop thisbeso. Jose Enrique feels her melting into him as she parts her lips inviting him to deepen the beso.

Jose Enrique did not stop to think. He takes full advantage softly entering her mouth to explore every sweet inch. She feels so good. She feels like she is made especially para me.

Jose Enrique feels her brazos creep up around his neck. She is responding to his beso. He feels her tongue slipping slowly past his lips deepening his beso. He then hears her moan.

Jessy lost track of time y forgot all about Paty. I cannot think. Oh dios mio, I have dreamt of Jose Enrique’s besos forever. He is so hot y sexy. I always knew he would smell scrumptious. He smells like spice and sandalwood. He tastes better than I could ever image. I need to get closer to him. Jessy takes a step closer rising up on tiptoes. I need more of him, thought Jessy.

Okay, this has to stop, thought Paty. They forgot all about me y the meeting. Jose Enrique doesn’t even remember her. Great! This is getting out of hand.

Walking over to the desk, Paty slams down her file on the desk hoping to get a reaction. I cannot believe this. They didn’t even react.

“Well, hello! You two need to stop! Okay, we have a meeting!” yells Paty.

Jose Enrique y Jessy step back but didn’t release each other from their embrace. They are intensely contemplating each other’s ojos, reflecting on the amazing passion y physical attraction that they just experience. It is so unexpected that they were stunned.

I cannot believe it. It is the bella chica from the club from last Friday night. Her ojos are unbelievable, y they really glow.

Right now I can see in her lindo ojos the passion y pleasure thatexploded, threatening to escape our control. Thanks to Paty I was able to stop.

Jose Enrique is amazing. He really is spicy and hot like I always imagined. I have never, ever, responded to a simple beso with so much passion. Si, I have kissed other chicos. Not one of the chicos that I have kissed has ever caused this type reaction. Si, of course, I have never kissed in front of an audience. Paty is mi best amiga, but still, geez. I did not even care. I really forgot where I was, and who was here. Look at his incredible green ojos. I can see the burning passion y astonishment in his ojos. Oh, I’m genuinely in love. Definitely he is todo mio. Jose Enrique only doesn’t realize it now.

“Uh, okay you two it’s time for the introductions. Especially since we skipped first base y ran right into second base,” said Paty, looking at her best amiga y hermano with amusement.

I always knew it. I knew en mi corazon that they are right for each other. It was only a matter of time until they met y fell in love. I really think that Jessy is in love y has always loved Jose Enrique. I know Jose Enrique will fall in love with Jessy. No problema.

He pulls away from the embrace but he continues to hold Jessy’s right mano, Jose Enrique introduces himself. “Jose Enrique De La Cruz,” he said with a huge feliz smile as he bends over Jessy’s mano placing a warm beso on the back of her wrist.

“Hola, Jessica Maria Cortez!” said Jessy with a smile. “You can call me, mi amor,” said Jessy with a mischievous twinkle in huge golden ojos.


Releasing Jessy’s mano, Jose Enrique moves around to pull out a chair for Jessy, the one right next to him on his right side. Jessy sits down looking at him. He pulls a chair for Paty on his left side.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, mi amor,” said Jose Enrique with a very wicked smile. “You know mi bella novia you can call me, mi vida.”


Paty simply observes them rolling her ojos up shaking her cabeza. Oh dios mio, are they ever going to stop? Maybe I should leave.


“Mi amor, I will like to apologize for not remembering you. Paty is right I was always busy y I didn’t realize that Paty had such a bella amiga. Can you please forgive me?” asks Jose Enrique with a sincere hopeful look.


Jessy looks into he’s ojos. I cannot believe it. Jose Enrique is finally noticing me. “Mi vida, I know you were always busy. I was just a wimpy niña with braces, so don’t worry about it,” said Jessy. “I never lost hope, mi vida,” she grins at him.

“Mi amor estoy muy feliz that you didn’t give up on me,” said Jose Enrique with a sincere smile looking into her ojos. Damn, she is serious. How did I ever overlook her?


“Nunca,” said Jessy in a breathless voz looking at Jose Enrique’s incredible green ojos.


“You know, mi amor, I think that I saw you at the club last Friday night. You were there with some of tu amigas. I was going to approach you to ask you to dance, when mis primos show upinterrupting me. Then when I turned to go to invite you to dance, you were gone. This made me real mad at mis primos,” said Jose Enrique smiling at Jessy. I never dreamed that la chica of mis dreams is mi novia, thought Jose Enrique.


“Really you were there Friday night? I had to leave early because I promise mi mama y hermana that I would go with them shopping on Saturday morning,” said Jessy, smiling at Jose Enrique with felicidad.


“Oh, what did you get? I hope that you bought some sexy outfits to wear when we go out?” asks Jose Enrique in a flirty teasing voz.



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