Nicolas: Hades Bastards MC Santa Cutie, Think Of The Kisses I’ve Missed, (Dark Alphas MC Romance) NorCal Chapter By P.T. Macias


He’s her dark dream, she’s hope, together, they’re magical.


The Hades Bastards MC is all I need.

This Christmas I’m celebrating big!

I have it all! Power, respect, and family.

My mc brothers have my back.

My mother, a whore, overdosed a decade ago.

Hell, I never met my sperm donor.

All I know is pain and blood.

The club whores fill my needs.

I don’t have an old lady, nor do I need one.

On the run, a girl falls into me.

She’s the club’s daughter.

She’s beautiful and broken.

She blows my mind.

She exposes something in me; I didn’t know I had.

Will I ruin her if I make her mine?

Then maybe, I’ll keep her.

She’s my fucking Christmas gift.

~ ~ ~ ~


To my father, I’m an asset.

Raised without love.

I live in the dark.

I’m lonely, scared, and broken.

Nicolas, the Hades Bastards outlaw biker, he’s my crush.

I see the good in his soul.

The Hades Bastards MC works with my father.

I’m not sure that’s good.

I see him once a week.

I dream of his kisses every night.

Finally, he sees me.

He invites me to the MC’s Christmas party.

I believed that only the club whores are allowed in.

Should I go?

Will Santa check my list?

Will he give me what I want?

Hades Bastards

NorCal Chapter

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