Sweet Promises, Secret Passions Series New Release

An Incredible Journey Of Love, Surrender, and Passions.

Sweet Promises, Secret Passions 7.23.14

Sweet Promises is now AVAILABLE!


Here’s a small little nibble!Sweet Promises, Secret Cravings Trilogy 7.17.14

Eva pulls back, laughing. “Baby, let me help you out of your clothes.”

“Really, you want to play when I’m starving for you? Come here,” says
David Adrian. He takes her hands to pull her into his arms.

Hmmm, he’s hungry. Ok, I’ll play later with him. I can’t wait. I’ve always dreamed of doing this to him, she thinks.

She throws back her head, laughing. I love his aggressive mood.

David Adrian watches her laugh. He smiles. Damn, she’s relaxed and happy. I know she loves me. Fucking hell, she’s so stubborn, but I want her forever, he thinks.

Sweet Promises, Secret Passions Series 7.jpg  7.25.14




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