Doll, Muneca Awesome Mom

Doll, muneca you were called by everyone that knew you   

Always laughing, smiling, and hiding your pain


Doll, muneca dancing to your own beat

Singing to your own song 

Wiping your tears as time went by


Doll, muneca your light shined so bright, you pulled many friends to your side

When night came, there’s no one at your side, 

Alone with only your shadow at your side


Doll, muneca such a lovely classy amazing Lady

Caring, always ready, and willing to give a helping hand


Only your loved ones were aware of your loneliness, your pain

Doll, muneca you were called by everyone,

But to your children you were a doll, 

A muneca 

The queen of them all  

RIP Enriqueta Macias 10-10-1940 ~ 08-07-2009

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