Elite Power, Supreme Legacy By P. T. Macias

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Elite Power: Trent, Supreme Legacy

~ ~ ~ ~ Prince Trent Konig~ ~ ~ ~
I was born an Elite and forged by the king!
I’m ruthless and soulless, a bastard to fear!
I’m merciless, I’m strong, and trained to kill.
I’m broken, I’m evil, not worthy of her love.
My Baby Girl has a halo; she’s truly an angel.
I always knew she’s my soul mate, and yet I force myself to wait.
This wild need compels me to claim her and driving me insane.
My heart aches, my soul rages, and I refuse to have her near.
I can’t crown her my queen; thus, the kingdom is not at peace.
The danger and intrigue shroud the Elite!
The wrath of war is in the air, and a woman’s scorn a power to fear.
~ ~ ~ ~ Lady Yvette Kaiser ~ ~ ~ ~
I pray he forgets his past deeds, his fears and believes in the greatness that he is.
No matter what he thinks, no matter where he goes, I keep my eye on him, waiting for his call.
I wait, I dream, I think of him.
I place my heart in his hands, knowing that he’s my man.
I only know that we belong, and our souls are fated to be one.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Excerpt ~ ~ ~ ~
Yvette steps inside the room and then close the door. She looks over at him, a little unsure.
She’s wearing black yoga pants and a tank top.
Trent turns to look at her, his gaze roams over her curves, and more curves, setting his body on fire. He then gazes into her huge green eyes, nodding waiting for her next move.
Yvette a soft pink blush spreads over her face, she moves her right to tuck a lock behind her ear. She inhales, squares her shoulders, and confidently takes a step towards him. She looks into his heated gray eyes.
What is she doing here?
I don’t want to break this fragile moment.
I don’t want to push too hard.
I’m one step away from losing my mind.
I’m one kiss away to grabbing heaven.
I can’t say, please stay.
I can’t say leave.
I’m only a man.
I can’t stop this moment.

Elite Power: Trent, Supreme Legacy Series Copyright © 2019 By P. T. Macias

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Elite Power: Rhett, Supreme Legacy

~ ~ ~ ~ Earl Rhett Kaiser ~ ~ ~ ~
My one-night stand is more than I thought!
She falls into my world, making it rock.
Yeah, the one that I can’t seem to forget.
I need to ignore my soul’s roar.
She’s part of the web that I need to make right!
She’s wild; she’s beautiful, she’s willful and smart!
She runs from my hands, not granting me a chance.
The King seeks justice, and the underworld war needs to end.
The bloodshed, the Capo, is dead.
The Lord is pissed and eager to war and claiming her as his reward!
~ ~ ~ ~ Isabelle Napolitano ~ ~ ~ ~
My world has changed; I knew it would!
My dad is the Capo of the underworld!
My dad is dead; the war has to end!
My brothers are nowhere to be found.
The Lord in Europe seeks revenge, claiming me as his.
I don’t think so, I rather die.
I have to run; I have to hide!
I’m petrified, and I’m going insane.
What should I do?
My one-night stand unexpectedly shows up.
He’s not whom I thought!
He’s an Elite, much more than a Capo in the underworld.
Who would have thought?
He wants to protect me, is that a lie?
My heart aches; my soul weeps.
I’m running, not looking, not listening to him.
Nobody can help me; I can’t stay here.
I must hide, I pray to survive.

Elite Power: Rhett, Supreme Legacy Series Copyright © 2019 By P. T. Macias

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Elite Power: Lennox, Supreme Legacy Series By P.T. Macias

~ ~ ~ Earl Lennox Konig ~ ~ ~ ~
I thought I had it right, and all under control!
My bride is pissed, she’s very hurt!
She refuses to listen to reason.
I made a mistake that I regret!
Now, I fear I’m losing my bride, my soul is in an uproar!
My heart aches!
I can’t think straight!
My ex-lover is making threats!
I’m running scared, I fear for my bride!
I don’t know how to make it right!
To top it off the Elite Power is at war!
Our union is no fucking joke!
I know what I want; I want my bride.
I’m running out of time and living a fucking a nightmare!
~ ~ ~ Lady Alexis Slovak ~ ~ ~ ~
The love of my life has betrayed me!
What hurts the most is that he didn’t stop his booty call when he knew about our betrothal.
I knew that Lennox is no saint, but you would think he would repent.
I never expected this from him, especially since he’s an Earl in our world.
We’re taught from birth to have honor, fidelity, and love.
We don’t take our duty lightly, so what was he thinking?
That bitch wouldn’t let us be!
What should I do?
I need to make him grieve, to feel some pain!
I need to bring him to his knees.
I need to claim what’s mine, my husband!

Elite Power: Lennox, Supreme Legacy Series Copyright © 2019 By P. T. Macias

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Elite Power: Wesley, Supreme Legacy

~ ~ ~ ~ Wesley Roth ~ ~ ~ ~
The gorgeous spite fire enthralls me, makes my heart miss a beat.
She awakens my soul that was asleep.
We’re from different worlds and yet the same.
The time it’s not right; I want it to be so, and I fear it may never be real.
I dare not make her mine, I must turn away this time.
~ ~ ~ ~ Athena Weston ~ ~ ~ ~
The life of luxury, love, and abundance is my world.
A world that falls, changing my life forevermore.
Sometimes life is not what you believe.
Sometimes it’s hard to accept that your life is full of secrets and blood that has been shed.
The breathtaking man fills my dreams.
He makes me ache with need.
I yearn for the haven he presents.
The dark secrets in his eyes lure me in.
I see the fire deep in his soul.
I hear the sweet promises that he whispers.
My soul lights up, my heart aches, but will he be able to soothe my fears?
I turn away, praying to be saved, running into my fate.

Elite Power: Wesley, Supreme Legacy Series Copyright © 2019 By P. T. Macias

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