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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga chapters in 2013. This year I’m thinking of posting chapters of one of my Razer 8 books. Let me know if There’s one you would love to read.

I love to read romantic paranormal military books. I do have some favorite authors in those genres. Try to guess my favorite author.

I love to write, yes I do. I’m working on several series at the moment. Razer 8 will be done this month. The last book in the series Lightning, Razer 8 will be out this month. My next series are going to be amazing!  I’m going to focus on Tequila 10. Tequila 10 is about special operatives that have have special skills. This is a paranormal thriller series. I also have a trilogy I’m working on, Secret Cravings. This one is going to be a little hotter than my published books. I plan on finishing the De La Cruz series this year. I’m going to work on the last four books in June or July! I have more I would love to share with you but I’m not!

I love to listen to different types of music. Yes, of course I love  Spanish music, rock, some old school, some Country, and some rock and roll. LMAO!  Yeah, I don’t have only one type. It’s very difficult to pick one. I do listen to Country music during the day when I’m at work.

Here’s some songs that I love!








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