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Hot & Enchanting, 

De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias

Chapter Eleven 



Oh dios mio! I can’t sleep. I’m only thinking about Ricky. I need him. I haven’t seen him in a few days. I don’t know if he looked for me or if it is only me that wants to be together again. I’m hot and needy. I can’t sleep. It’s almost two in the morning. I wonder if he went out with his primos. Did he take off with some chica? I’m here going crazy with need. I need to take a walk. Si he only lives a couple of blocks over and I need to know if he returned to his casa. Si I need to know, because I’m dying, contemplates Jacki.


Jacki gets out of her cama (bed). She pulls off her night gown and puts on her summer dress. She usually sleeps with only her panties and night gown. She slips out of her french doors and walks out of the backyard side door. She walks down the streets, striding like crazy. Si I’m so frustrated and I need him, thinks Jacki.

maciasdancerkimi1 (1)She turns the corner and sees that Ricky’s carro is there. Oh yeah, Ricky is home and not with some puta (whore), thinks Jacki slowing down. She walks closer and sees that Ricky is at the carro looking for something.

Damn it all to hell, I think that I forgot my portfolio at work, thinks Ricky getting out of the carro. Ricky closes the door and turns around.

Oh yeah, my hot muñeca is here and I need her. “Why are you walking so late at night? It’s dangerous,” says Ricky striding over to her. He pulls her into his arms. “I need you.”

“I couldn’t sleep. I needed to take a walk. I needed to know if you were in casa. I needed to know if you went with some puta,” says Jacki gazing up into his hermosos green eyes. “I want you.”b667107591f26fc5283a4ea5905fc033

“Oh yeah I need you,” replies Ricky pulling her closer into his arms. Oh I’m taking her to my cuarto. I know that nobody will ever know, thinks Ricky picking her up. She wraps her legs around his waist.

Ricky grasps her sweet ass and squeezes her perfect round orbs. He enjoys her sounds. He gives her a hungry beso walking to his casa. He enters the casa and walks to his cuarto. He closes his door and locks it. He walks with Jacki in his arms, falling onto the cama.

Jacki is loca with pasión and doesn’t care that they came into his cuarto. I don’t care if this is wrong. I need him, I need his besos and his amor, thinks Jacki.

She unbuttons his shirt, pushing it off his shoulder. She then unzips his pants taking him out, stroking him, moaning with need. “I was dying thinking about your awesome shaft and burning up with need,” moans Jacki.

Ricky slides his hands up her dress and pulls her dress off. He quickly goes to touch her sweet hot heart going crazy. “I need you, I need to love you. Why do you run away from me? I know that you love making love with me. I don’t have your number so I can’t call you. I need to see you,” says Ricky passionately tearing off her panties.

He plunges into her hot heart, kissing her to muffle their moans. Oh damn yes, this is like coming home. I love her tight hot heart, she drives me loco, thinks Ricky taking her fast and hard. Hell yes, it’s awesome that she came looking for meShe’s as passionate and horny as I am. I love it. She’s mia, only mia.

Jacki holds on to Ricky, her arms wrapped around his neck, and kissing him deeply with hunger. Hmmm, he’s so delicious and hot. I love feeling him inside and him taking me with all of his passion. I love making love. I love everything about making love. I love his shaft, his besos, his hands, and todo. I get drunk on Ricky, thinks Jacki.

“I love making love with you,” moans Ricky going to her breast to suck her tight nipple making it hard and then takes tender bites. She drives me loco and I forget todo. Her heart is hot, tight and awesome, thinks Ricky. “Tell me that you love feeling me inside you, taking you hard.”

“Si, I love your hot shaft inside me. All I think about is you taking me hard. I love it. I want you to love me all day and night,” groans Jacki reaching her release with Ricky. They kiss with hunger and pasión. They feel their almas bonding closer each time.

Ricky holds onto her tight after he his hot jetted release spills into her hot heart. “Oh damn yes, I love your heart squeezing my shaft tight, milking me,” says Ricky kissing her neck marking her, going down to her breasts to suck them. Oh yeah, I’m marking her, she’s toda mia, only mia. I want to taste her and devour her sweet heart. I love it that it’s waxed, thinks Ricky.maciasjackiandrickyfirekimi2jpg_25460

They hug and kiss loving the feel of their skin and almas connecting. Ricky caresses her awesome breasts and then goes to suck one nipple and then the other. “Oh yeah, I want some more,” groans Ricky.

“I’m going to taste your hot sweet heart and then I’m going to take you hard,” says Ricky going to her heart to devour and suck all of her honey.  Jacki holds onto his head moaning with pasión.

“Si, I want you to take me,” says Jacki pulling him closer. She watches him suck and taste her heart going into another hot climax. Jacki’s honey flows out for him to lap up.

Si she’s hot and I love it. Her heart is sweet and only mia, thinks Ricky in a passionate high. He loves how swollen and tight her heart is. He devours her sweet honey like a juicy orange.

“Si that feels good,” whimpers Jacki with pasión.

Ricky’s shaft aches with need and he quickly buries his shaft to the hilt moaning with relief. “Si your heart is tight and swollen. Your heart is mouthwateringly awesome. I can’t get enough,” says Ricky taking her hard.


They explode with a powerful orgasm kissing and devouring their mouths with pasión, holding on tight and bonding their almas. They stay connected in each other’s arms exhausted and satisfied. They fall asleep. Jacki is snuggled close to him and in heaven.

Oh wow, it’s going to start to get light. I need to go back to my casa before my padres or even worse Ricky’s padres discover us. Oh, but it was so worth my sneaking out. I love Ricky’s love making, thinks Jacki touching his shaft. Si I want some more before I leave. Who knows how long it’s going to be before I get to taste him again. I don’t know if manana he will still want me, ponders Jacki.

She goes down to his awesome shaft and licks the crown moaning with pleasure. Si I love his shaft, thinks Jacki taking him into her mouth. She sucks and licks the crown with pleasure. Hmmm, he’s muy delicious. I’m going to enjoy him. I have waited too long to love him.

Hell yes, this is awesome. I love her mouth on my aching shaft. I love how she devours my shaft with pasión, muses Ricky opening his eyes to observe her. Her eyes are greener and her face flushed with pasión. I will never get tired of loving her. Si she’s mia, only mia, thinks Ricky reaching his release. He moans watching her enjoy every drop.

Si, he’s beautiful and I love him, thinks Jacki sucking him into her mouth. She continues loving him until he’s ready for her to take him. She straddles his aching shaft and enjoys him. She rides him and loves his mouth on her breasts.

“You drive me loca, I can’t get enough,” moans Jacki. She rides him hard. Her sweet honey coats his hard shaft and drives him loco. He turns her over and takes her fast and deep from behind. With one hand he grasps her breasts and with the other one he pinches her sweet nub as he pounds deeply into her tight hot heart. He loves her tight grasp as they reach their hot release bonding their almas.

Damn yes, this is awesome! I love her hot heart and her smell. Si, my room smells like awesome hot sex, thinks Ricky marking her neck.5988112331_afce72c9a2_m

They fall onto the cama on their sides. Ricky holds her tight and close to him. He continues to softly circle her sweet nub with his fingertip. Hell yes, she’s so sweet and I love to hear her moan.

“You feel delicious. I love to touch and taste your sweet heart. I want you to think of me when you touch your heart. Remember how much I love to taste you. Don’t ever forget that I want some all of the time,” whispers Ricky into her ear. He kisses her deeply. “I’m not letting you go. You’re going to stay here with me all morning. We will figure out a way for you to sneak out. I want to taste your heart again and again.”


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