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Meet The Author P.T. Macias

I live in California with my husband, children, and grandkids. They’re my pride and joy. We adore Bella, our sassy, sweet Maltipoo.

When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, going on cruises, seeing concerts, eating white peaches, pistachio ice cream, walking with Bella, and sipping margaritas.

Enjoy my stories about dark, sexy, dirty-talking mafia, bad boy bikers, alpha billionaires, MMA cage fighter, and paranormal romance. My stories are full of action, suspense, danger, secrets, a dash of romance, and HEA.

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P.T. Macias Series

A Dark Mafia Romance

Blue Blood Deadly Sins

Mafioso’s Deadly Sins

A Bad Boy Bikers

Motorcycle Club Romance

Hades Knights MC NorCal Chapter

Anarchy Kings MC, NorCal Chapter

Dark Fallen Angels MC NorCal Chapter

Wicked Warriors MC NorCal Chapter

Satan’s Warriors MC NorCal Chapter

Paranormal Romance Series

The Watchers

Wolff Dynasty

Vhampiers Realm

Dragon Blood Legacy

Forged By Twilight

MMA Cage Fighter


Romance Suspense

Razer 8 A Military Romantic Suspense

De La Cruz Saga

A Bad Boy Bikers Motorcycle Club Romance

Hades Knights MC, NorCal Chapter









Anarchy Kings MC, NorCal Chapter






Dark Fallen Angels MC, NorCal Chapter








Wicked Warriors MC, NorCal Chapter



Coming Soon!








Coming Soon!

Satan’s Warriors MC, NorCal Chapter









Note To Reader

Dear Reader, I’m inviting you to check out the Elite Power, Blue Blood Deadly Sins, Mafioso’s Deadly Sins, Forged In Twilight,  and Angels Of The Fallen, The Watchers. I know that you will enjoy these dark, sexy alphas!

A Dark Mafia Romance

Blue Blood Deadly Sins

Elite Power, Prince Trent Konig

Elite Power, Earl Rhett Kaiser

Elite Power, Earl Lennox Konig

Elite Power, Wesley Roth

Elite Power, Lord Carlos Reyes

Saved By The Rose

Paranormal Romance Series

Forged In Twilight

Forged In Blood

The Watchers

Angels Of The Fallen, Samyaza

Angels Of The Fallen, Azazel

Angels Of The Fallen, Ramiel

Angels Of The Fallen, Lucifer

Fiercely Romantic, Powerfully Compelling Tales With Heart And Passion!

Love That Bites, Growls, And Defies All!

Paranormal Romance That Rocks!

“Whatever Your Creature Craves P.T. Macias Has It!”

“Eternal Love Bite’s”

Amazon award-winning, Top 10 Bestselling, and immensely popular author P.T. Macias channel her engaging and irresistible characters so that they spring from the pages and cause her readers to fall permanently in love. She is widely recognized as “The Reigning Queen of Alphas!” P. Mattern, Amazon Best Selling Author

“Delightful Enchanting Tales Packed With Paranormal Romance That Enthralls. . . . . . The Oh So Sexy Worlds of P.T. Macias!” Michelle Fox, USA Today And NY Times Bestselling Author

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7 Replies to “About P.T. Macias Author”

  1. Hello blogger, i must say you have very interesting content here.
    Your website should go viral. You need initial traffic only.

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  2. I’m still trying to figure out the reading order of your interconnected series – De la Cruz saga, Razor 8 & Tequila 10. Do you have a Series Reading Order list anywhere on your list? Also, do you know when the last De la Cruz book will be available for Kindle? Thanks!

  3. Hi, Patricia –
    Your books were mentioned on the Heroes & Heartbreakers newsletters, and I’m loving the sound of them, so of course I have to order them all. I went to your Amazon author page and pulled up your series list; I was able to order the Razer 8 Series, Tequila 10 Series, & Secret Sexy Passions Series. You have the De La Cruz Saga listed in order, but it gets a bit confusing when you go to order them! First of all, is the order you have them listed Amazon Author Bio page correct? Second, I can only find Hot Spicy Amor #7 (listed as Hot & Spicy) and it’s not in eBook, but I did find Hot Wild Amor which you have listed as #8 in eBook. I saw from reading one of your responses to another comment that you’re working on the last 4 in the series so I’ll just have to be patient. LOL! Thanks!!!
    – Becky

  4. Hi!

    I’ve been looking at your Mexican cookbook on Smashwords, and I’m just curious: Are your parents from Mexico? Do you speak Spanish at home, or do you speak Spanish a lot somewhere?


  5. Hi Maria,

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience and lack of important information on my website. I’m going to work on it. I’m thrilled that you love the De La Cruz Saga. I’m going to have them done by the end of this year. Hot & Lovable, Hot & Sexy, Hot Angel and Hot & Naughty will be completed this year. I’m sorry that they were not completed in 2013. Razer 8 consumed all of 2013.

    Hot & Wild and Hot & Spoiled, Hot & Adorable, Hot & Dangerous, Hot & Sassy are out.

    Please friend me on Facebook.

    I’ll be happy to discuss my books with you. I’m looking into this issue because I believe that my books are available in all formats.

    Have you tried Smashwords?

    Join me at my Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 release party on Facebook.

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Patricia ♥
    P.T. Macias

  6. Hi, Can you please advise when Kobo will have Hot & Wild and Hot & Spoiled. I’m missing these 2 books and been checking for a while without any luck. Also, when will Hot Angel, Hot & Lovable and Hot & Naught be available. According to your website, these were released in 2013 but I’m not able to find these 3 books either to complete the series.

    Sorry, but your website really is not easy to find information easily. I was looking for a books page but was not able to find anything that showed me the reading order of your series.

    Hope to hear from you soon

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