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I live in Calif with my husband and children. My grandkids are my treasure. When I am not writing, I enjoy going on cruises, concerts, eating white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and sipping margaritas.

I have been reading the romance and suspense genre since I was a young girl. I always dreamed of writing paranormal tales that are full of love, incredible sexy wild men, mysterious realms, and a dash of suspense. I love writing in the paranormal shifter romance genre because of the limitless range of characteristics, powers, and weaknesses available to develop the characters’ and realms. I love sexy angels, gods, vampires, werewolves, dragons, and other entities.

 Designing Dream Life With Patricia

Personal, Spiritual, And Professional Life Coach. A Partnership To Encourage Thought Provoking Creative Process To Inspire You To Maximize Personal & Professional Life Potential!

The powerful established link in your personal and spiritual beliefs are often the cause of your limitations. Therefore, it is beneficial to identify the beliefs systems, the values, and your essential needs to remove the blocks that hinder your growth.

Coaching sessions are available and totally confidential. Please message me for details or email ptm@ptmacias.com

2018 – UC Davis Professional Coaching For Life And Work Certification, ICF Certification, ACC Certification, PCC Certification And P.T. Macias, Author

1999 – University of Phoenix – Dual Degrees – Bachelor Of Science Business Management And Bachelor Of Science Business Administration



P.T. Macias Series!

P.T. Macias Series, The Watchers, It’s Time, Live On The Dark Side

Angels Of The Fallen: Samyaza

Angels Of The Fallen: Azazel

Angels Of The Fallen: Ramiel

Angels Of The Fallen: Lucifer

Dragon Legacy, Eternal Love Bite’s

Beyond My Dragon’s Love

The Dragon’s Magical Night

Blush’s Prince: Eternal Love Bite’s

Wolff Dynasty, The Wolff’s Essence Is For Eternity

A Vhampier’s Forbidden Wolff

Wolff’s Mate:

Wolff’s SEAL Heart

Seizing Fate

Vhampier’s Realm, Eternal Love Bite’s

Thy Heart’s Desire

Forever Love Bites

Razer 8, Each Razer has a reason, a dream,

and a need to be a Delta Force Elite Op!









Shadowrealm Secrets, Throne Of Shadows

Crimson Moon

Ruby Passions

Shades Of Red

Auburn Tides

Scarlet Storms

Burgundy Skies

Archangels Kisses, Fallen Angels Romance

Billionaire’s Angel


Angelic Insight

Archangels Whispers: Angelic Missives, Divine Life Purpose Spiritual Wisdom, Healing, Vibration, Abundance, and More!

Coming Soon!

Vhampier’s Angel

The Dragon Lord, Paranormal Romance That Rocks, Dragon Blood Legacy

The Dragon Prince, Paranormal Romance That Rocks, Dragon Blood Legacy

Wolff’s Mission, Wolff Dynasty

Wolff’s Bite, Wolff Dynasty

Little Book of Horror

Dragons Soul, Paranormal Romance That Rocks, Dragon Blood Legacy

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Fiercely Romantic, Powerfully Compelling Tales With Heart And Passion! Love That Bites, Growls, And Defies All! 

Paranormal Romance That Rocks!

“Whatever Your Creature Craves P.T. Macias Has It!”

“Eternal Love Bite’s”

Amazon award-winning, Top 10 Bestselling, and immensely popular author P.T. Macias channels her engaging and irresistible characters so that they spring from the pages and cause her readers to fall permanently in love. She is widely recognized as “The Reigning Queen of Alphas!” P. Mattern, Amazon Best Selling Author


“Delightful Enchanting Tales Packed With Paranormal Romance That Enthralls  .  .  .  .  The Oh So Sexy Worlds of P.T. Macias!” Michelle Fox, USA Today And NY Times Bestselling Author

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