Feisty Heroines Box Set By NY Times, USA Today Bestsellers Authors!

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Fall in love with your next book crush! Feisty Heroines is only 99c for 36 stories!

These pulse-racing shorts will capture your heart with USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Award-winning authors in the mix.

Enjoy 36 fabulous reads and support worthy charities! Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy, and Historical Romance that will whet your appetite with titillating, heart-pounding tales you’ll want to read again then beg for more.

With your order box set! Plus you’ll also get a FREE book bundle.

All proceeds will be donated to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and the Red Cross.

Help us reach this goal!

Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts releases on June 16th.

ONLY 99 cents!

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You gotta love it! 💋

New Series! 💋

Bad Boy Fights The Fight Of His Life For His Girl!

💋 Spencer!

The 1st book of my new series is included in this amazing box set!

Bad Boy Cage Fighter, MMA Cage Fighter 💋

💋 . .💋 . Enjoy Spencer’s Excerpt!

“Spencer, I’m almost done shopping, but I need to go get to the spa. I know that you’re going to love it. I’m loving that you’re shopping with me,” Dior says, innocently.

Spencer squints his cool gray eyes looking at her over the rim of the cup as he takes a drink of the tea.

Two hours later, Spencer follows Dior out of the spa carrying the shopping bags. He clenches his jaw, shaking his head.

Damn, she’s enjoying every single minute of this sweet torture. She insisted on me getting a pedicure.

They walk into the parking garage and make their way over to the black SUV. Spencer opens the vehicle, places the bags inside, and opens the right rear passenger door. He helps her enter the vehicle, and then closes the door. He walks over to the driver side, opens the door, and slides inside looking at her through the rear-view mirror. He turns on the SUV, nodding.

“Dior, would you like to go back home?” Spencer asks looking at her through the mirror.

“Yes, I need to take a shower. Will you wash my back for me,” Dior asks completely deadpan, raising her eyebrow in challenge?

“Hmph,” Spencer grunts, reversing the SUV.

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